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My wife Linda started to research her maternal ancestors from the Venn family around 1995, using information inherited from her great-aunt. The scope very quickly expanded to cover the related Willcock, Hulland and Markey families. I then designed some web pages to display what we had found, and we started publishing these on the web in 1999. In 2003 our research widened still further to cover Linda's paternal line. By this time I had become so fascinated with the subject that I started to investigate my own ancestors from the Warren and Anderson families.

In 2006 I purchased the domain name familyhistorydata.co.uk and we have continued to add more data to the site. The pages were redesigned in 2015 to keep pace with the evolution of web browsers and to provide a better index. Sadly Linda died in April 2019, without having taken her original Venn line back any further than we had twenty years ago. Very little research was done during Linda's last illness, but we were already running out of places to look. I am continuing to maintain these pages, but sometimes at a slower pace than before.

I have tried to ensure that all the information on this site is accurate, and to indicate any areas of uncertainty. I recognise, however, that other people may spot errors or may have found a better source of information. So do please get in touch if you have any corrections or queries, or if you experience any difficulties in accessing any part of the site.

Contact Details

We put this information here partly to share the results of our research, but also in the hope that we could make contact and exchange data with people who can help us to build a more complete picture. So please contact me by electronic mail if you feel that any of the families listed here are connected with your own research.

You will find a contact link on each of the main surname pages on this site (surnames are listed here in alphabetical order and by county of origin). Click on that contact link to send an email message related to that family or that surname. Please click on this link to contact me for general enquiries or to report any problems. Although I welcome any information which will help us with our research, please do not send large amounts of data by email without telling me first.

Except where otherwise indicated, the contents and design of these pages are copyright © Chris Warren 1999 to 2024. You are welcome to take a copy for personal use only in researching your own family history. If you want to use our material for any other purpose, please contact me first (I will consider sympathetically any proposals which will assist my own research).

Add Your Family Details

I will consider adding to this site details of any related family members who are not currently covered. In particular, I welcome input from distant relatives whose trees connect with ours but who have more information about their own particular branch. I would also be happy to hear from anyone who is researching the same surname in the same part of the country and who thinks that there may be a connection (in a few cases we have listed people that we think may be related but where we have not found the link).

If you have information to add, or you want me to expand on your branch of the family on these pages, please contact me with the details using the link above or on the relevant surname page. Note that I reserve the right to refuse any contribution without giving a reason, and to edit any material before adding it to the web site.

This family history data page is copyright © Chris Warren and others 2006 to 2024
(you may keep a copy for personal use only in researching your own family history)

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