Mary Alice Turner (1872 - 1970)

Born: 1872 (Jan 15) Stonehouse, Plymouth
Died: 1970 (May 2) Liskeard, Cornwall

Family Relationships

James Turner (1836 - 1916)
Mary Goyne Stevens (1844 - 1872)

1905 (Aug 5) Plymouth, Devon
  to John Archibald Venn (1878 - 1950)


John Archibald James Venn (1914 - 1995)
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Additional Information

Other surname: Venn

Known History

Born at 117 Union St, Stonehouse, Plymouth
Baptised 1872 (May 30) Stonehouse, Plymouth

Living in Saxon Road, Bow, London at 1881 census
  (then living with her uncle James Stevens)

Later lived with her father in Devonport
  - living in Hotham Place, Stoke at 1891 census
  - living at 58 Emma Place, Stonehouse at 1901 census
Worked as a schoolmistress before her marriage

Married in church of St George, Stonehouse, Plymouth
  (then living at 58 Emma Place, Stonehouse)

Moved to Marlborough House, Saltash, Cornwall in 1910

Died in Lamellion Hospital, Liskeard, Cornwall


Married 1870 (Mar 2) St Peter, Plymouth, Devon

Father baptised 1836 (Jan 3) Waddesdon, Bucks
    (parents Thomas Turner and Hannah Stonehill)
  - living with parents in Waddesdon at 1841 census
  - a draper's porter in Southwark, London at 1851 census
  - a policeman in Marylebone, London at 1861 census
  - later a policeman in Stonehouse, Plymouth, Devon
    (living there at 1871/1881/1891/1901 census)
  - living with Mary in Saltash, Cornwall at 1911 census
  - died 1916 (4th Qtr) probably in Saltash, Cornwall

Mother born 1844 (4th Qtr) East Stonehouse, Plymouth
    (parents Thomas Stevens and Mary Goyne)
  - living in George Street, Stonehouse at 1851 census
  - living in Edgcumbe St, Stonehouse at 1861 census
  - living in Union Street, Stonehouse at 1871 census
  - died 1872 (1st Qtr) Stonehouse, Plymouth, Devon