Known History

Worked as a farrier and agricultural labourer
  (described as a farmer in some records)

Lived at Nanteague, St Allen, Cornwall in 1830s

Later lived in the area around Chacewater, Cornwall
Living at Saveock, near Chacewater at 1841 census
Living at Penstraze in 1840s and at 1851 census
Living in New Row, Chacewater at 1861 census

Buried 1870 (Mar 16) Chacewater, Cornwall


Married 1783 (Jul 27) St Erme, Cornwall
Later lived at Ham or Hams, St Allen, Cornwall

Father possibly baptised 1755 (Mar 2) St Clement
(parents Henry and Mary Brown, recorded as Boone?)
  - worked as a farmer in St Allen, Cornwall
  - buried 1823 (Sep 21) St Allen, Cornwall

Mother buried 1833 (May 26) St Allen, Cornwall
We have found two possible candidates:
  - baptised 1760 (Apr 7) Creed, Cornwall
    (parents Thomas Bilky and Jane Comer)
or baptised 1759 (Aug 6) St Stephen in Brannel
    (parents Richard Bilky and Elizabeth Bullen)


Mary baptised 1784 (May 28) St Erme, Cornwall

Henry baptised 1787 (Apr 22) St Erme, Cornwall

Francis baptised 1803 (May 15) St Allen, Cornwall
  - worked as a farm labourer in the Truro area
  - living at Boswellack, St Allen at 1841 census
  - married Elizabeth Gould 1842 (Nov 13)
  - living in Marazanvose at 1851 and 1861 census
  - living in Highertown, Truro at 1871 census
  - buried 1873 (Aug 10) Kenwyn, Truro, Cornwall