John Poland (1822? - 1885)

Born: 1822? probably in Ireland
Buried: 1885 (Mar 31) Liverpool, Lancs

Family Relationships

Details not held on-line
Details not held on-line

1844 (Aug 2) Pollokshaws, Renfrewshire
  to Janet Campbell (1823? - 1897)

Details not held on-line

John Poland (1848 - 1901)
Arthur Poland (1854? - 1909?)
Charles Poland (1855 - 1910)
Daniel Poland (1862 - 1926)
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Additional Information

Known History

Worked as a blacksmith in Glasgow and Fife
Living at 13 Cheapside St, Glasgow at 1851 census
Living in Stewarts Lane, Kirkcaldy, Fife in 1855

Later worked as a whitesmith in Liverpool, Lancs
Living at 26 Shadwell St, Liverpool at 1861 census
Living at 27 Paget St, Liverpool at 1871/1881 census

Buried 1885 (Mar 31) Ford Cemetery, Liverpool

Unverified reports

Birthplace was Ireland according to census records
(but Anderston, Glasgow on son's birth certificate)

Possibly a servant in Glasgow at 1841 census


Born 1823 (Sep 18) Pollokshaws, Renfrewshire?
  (parents John Campbell and Janet Corbett?)
Baptised in 1823 in Glasgow (date unknown)
Living with son Daniel in Bootle, Lancs in 1891
Died 1897 (Mar 28) Liverpool, Lancashire
  (in Walton workhouse, Rice Lane, Walton)


Mary probably born 1844 (Dec) Glasgow, Lanark
  - baptised 1845 (Feb 19) St Andrew, Glasgow
  - probably died before 1851 in Scotland

Arthur baptised 1851 (Apr 20) Glasgow, Lanark
  - probably died before 1855 in Scotland

At least one other child born and died before 1855

Not Known

Date and place of his birth or baptism
Details of his parents' origins and family