Known History

Probably born at Nanteague, St Allen, Cornwall
Baptised 1834 (Mar 23) Perranzabuloe, Cornwall

Living with parents at Saveock, Cornwall at 1841 census
A servant living in Truro, Cornwall at 1851 census
A nurse at Kenwyn vicarage, Truro at 1861 census

Married 1865 (Dec 24) St Andrew, Plymouth, Devon
    to John George Taylor (1836 - 1906)

Lived in Newton Abbot, Devon after her marriage
  (living in Queen St at 1871/1881/1891/1901 census)

Living with daughter in Plymouth, Devon at 1911 census

Died 1921 (Apr 8) at the Station House, Otterton, Devon


John George Taylor:
  - baptised 1836 (Apr 1) St Lawrence, Jersey
    (his parents were John Taylor and Jane Westley)
  - with mother in Stonehouse, Plymouth at 1851 census
  - a coach painter in Truro, Cornwall at 1861 census
  - a coach and carriage painter in Newton Abbot, Devon
    (living in Queen St at 1871/1881/1891/1901 census)
  - probably died 1906 (3rd Qtr) Plymouth, Devon


Mary Jane born 1866 (Dec 1) Newton Abbot, Devon
  - with parents in Newton Abbot in 1871/1881/1891
  - married 1892 (3rd Qtr) Newton Abbot, Devon
      to Walter Greenslade (1873 - 1948)
  - living in Plymouth, Devon at 1901 and 1911 census
  - later lived at the Station House, Otterton, Devon
  - living in Vale Road, Exmouth, Devon in 1939
  - died 1951 (Jan 31) Exmouth, Devon