Known History

Living at 54 Cornwall St, Devonport at 1851 census
Living at 61 Cornwall St, Devonport at 1861 census

First marriage in Devonport Register Office, Devon
  (then a tailoress living at 52 Cornwall Street)
Living at 46 Cornwall St, Devonport in 1869

Then moved from Devonport to Liverpool
  (living at 14 Darwen St, Vauxhall in 1870/71)
Second marriage at St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancs

Living in Steele Street, Liverpool at 1881 census
Living in Leyden St, Kirkdale at 1891/1901 census

Living at 78 Rockingham St, Kirkdale at 1911 census
Living at 21 Bismarck St, Everton in 1918-1919
Later lived at 84 Tillard Street, Kirkdale, Liverpool
Died at 147 Mill Road, Everton, Liverpool

Surname was spelt Daw in some records


Elizabeth Maud Mary (Bright):
  - born 1865 (3rd Qtr) Devonport, Devon
  - died 1868 (1st Qtr) Devonport, Devon

George Thomas born 1870 (Oct 27) Liverpool
(name registered as George Thomas Bright)
  - buried 1873 (Nov 12) Liverpool, Lancs

Richard Henry born 1883 (Sep 20) Liverpool
  - baptised 1883 (Dec 10) St Peter, Liverpool
  - died 1885 (3rd Qtr) Liverpool, Lancs

James born 1885 (3rd Qtr) Liverpool, Lancs
  - living in Leyden St, Kirkdale at 1891/1901 census
  - living at 78 Rockingham St, Kirkdale in 1911
    (then a labourer in paint manufacturing)
  - died 1917 (Aug 7) Estaires, north-east France
    (a private in the King's Liverpool Regiment)