Known History

Baptised in church of St Mary Bredin, Canterbury

Probably lived all his life in Canterbury, Kent

Married in church of St Mary Northgate, Canterbury

Buried in church of St Alphege, Canterbury, aged 57


Married 1739 (Apr 25) St Mary Northgate, Canterbury?
  (this is the only possible marriage found so far)

Father buried 1770 (Mar 21) St Paul, Canterbury?

Mother buried 1787 (Oct 2) St Paul, Canterbury?


Buried 1815 (Nov 19) St Paul, Canterbury, aged 78


Richard baptised 1738 (Nov 19) St Mary Bredin

Thomas baptised 1740 (Oct 12) St Mary Bredin


William baptised 1774 (Jan 9) St Mary Northgate

James baptised 1777 (Dec 5) St Mary Northgate
  - buried 1810 (Apr 13) St Mary Northgate?

John baptised 1787 (Aug 31) St Alphege, Canterbury
  - buried 1787 (Oct 5) St Alphege, Canterbury