Known History

Baptised 1785 (Jun 26) St Mary, Battersea, London

Married in the church of St George, Hanover Square

Living in St Pancras, London at 1851 and 1861 census
  (living in Judd St with her son Richard and his family)

Died 1863 (Nov 14) Judd St, St Pancras, London

The family surname was also spelt Corkin or Corken


Nothing known for certain about George Abberley
  (we have found three possible baptism entries)

Mother born 1763 (Feb 26) Battersea, London
  (her parents were Dennis and Frances Corking)
  - baptised 1763 (Mar 27) St Mary, Battersea


Richard Morley:
  - baptised 1772 (Jun) St Giles, Holborn, London?
    (parents possibly Richard and Elizabeth Morley)
  - worked as a dyer in Holborn area, London
  - living in Wild Court, Holborn at 1841 census
  - died 1843 (Feb 12) Wild Court, Holborn, London

Not Known

Any further details of her husband and his family

Any further details of her parents and their families