Known History

Baptised 1849 (May 26) St Mary Northgate

With parents in Canterbury at 1851 and 1861 census

A servant in Southborough, Kent at 1871 census?
(recorded as Abina Anderson in census schedule)

A cook living in Hove, Sussex at 1881 census

Living with father in Canterbury, Kent at 1891 census
(described as a housekeeper in census schedule)

A housekeeper living in Canterbury at 1901 census

Later had a confectioner's shop in Canterbury, Kent
(living at 7 Castle Street, Canterbury at 1911 census)

Foster Child

Eva Cook born 1890 (Oct 4) Ramsgate, Kent
  - living with Abigail in Canterbury in 1901 & 1911
    (assisting in the confectioner's shop at 1911 census)
  - married 1919 (1st Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
      to William George Chipping (1891 - 1966)
  - lived with husband in Broad St, Canterbury, Kent
    (living there at 1921 census and in 1939)
  - died 1973 (2nd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent