William Kelly (1852 - >1911)

Born: 1852 (Jul 15) Ballygarvey, Co Antrim
Died: >1911 Belfast, County Antrim?

Family Relationships

James Kelly (1828? - 18??)
Eliza Ann Craig (1830? - 1895)

1872 (Oct 19) Ballymena, Co Antrim
  to Jane Mann (1854? - >1911)

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Gardiner Mann Kelly (1875 - 1944)
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Additional Information

Known History

Baptised 1852 (Sep 8) Ballymena, Co Antrim

Married in Ballymena register office, Co Antrim
  (then living in Ballygarvey, near Ballymena)
Worked as a labourer in Ballygarvey, Antrim

Moved from Ballygarvey to Belfast about 1900
Then worked as a labourer in Belfast, Antrim
Living in Jaffa Street, Shankill, Belfast at 1901 census
Living in Tudor Place, Shankill, Belfast at 1911 census
Continued to live at 7 Tudor Place, Shankill, Belfast?


Married 1851 (Sep 23) Kirconriola, Co Antrim

Father born about 1828, probably in County Antrim
  (father Daniel Kelly, weaver, mother unknown)
  - worked as a weaver in the Ballymena area

Mother born about 1830, probably in County Antrim
  (father Charles Craig, bleacher, mother unknown)
  - died 1895 (Dec 21) Ballygarvey, Antrim

Possible Siblings

They were both children of James Kelly, a weaver
(no baptisms have been found to confirm relationship)

Both married at Portglenone, west of Ballymena
(then living in Bracknamuckly, near Portglenone)

John married Sarah Young 1872 (Dec 13)

Ellen married Thomas Kilpatrick 1872 (Nov 18)

Not Known

Date and place of death (probably in Belfast area)