Known History

Baptised in Catholic parish of Loughmore and Castleiney
(all baptisms presumed to have taken place at Castleiney)

A labourer living in Castleiney at his marriage in 1870
  (a townland near Templemore in County Tipperary)

A labourer living in Ballinroe at 1901 and 1911 census
  (a townland near Templetuohy in County Tipperary)


Married 1827 (Feb 25) Loughmore and Castleiney

Father baptised 1799 (Apr 14) Castleiney, Tipperary
  (his parents were Thomas Quinn and Joan Bohan)
  - living at Strogue, near Templemore, in early 1830s
  - worked as a labourer in Castleiney area, Tipperary
  - died 1872 (Feb 7) Strogue, County Tipperary

Mother baptised 1798 (Nov 12) Castleiney, Tipperary
  (her parents were William Long and Winifred Neill)
  - probably died before 1864 (no details known)


Catherine Stapleton born about 1849 County Tipperary
  (father William Stapleton, a cottier, mother unknown)
  - living at Lisdaleen, near Templetuohy, at her marriage
  - died 1936 (Apr 8) Ballinroe, County Tipperary


Thomas baptised 1830 (Jun 24) Castleiney, Tipperary

John baptised 1832 (Oct 28) Castleiney, Tipperary

James baptised 1838 (Aug 19) Castleiney, Tipperary

Patrick baptised 1841 (Aug 29) Castleiney, Tipperary