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The Iddenden Family from Wye, Kent

This page lists those members of the Iddenden family whose origins we are researching. Entries in italics are inferred or uncertain, or have been supplied by other researchers and not personally verified by us. The list does not include children known to have died in infancy. Please contact Chris and Linda Warren if you feel that the family listed here is connected with your own research.

Our known Iddenden ancestors lived in Wye, near Ashford in Kent, from 1750 to 1850. Our line descends fromWilliam Iddenden, the illegitimate son of Mary Iddenden. We have traced most of William's children and their families in Canterbury and in the Ashford area of Kent. Later generations have been found in London and in other parts of Kent. We use the spelling Iddenden below, but there were many variations, including Idenden, Ittenden, Iddenten, Edenden and Eddenden.

Mary Iddenden's parents were Edward and Mary Iddenden, but we know very little for certain about them or any earlier generations. We know that an Edward Idenden married Mary Cork in Canterbury in 1751, and that children of Edward and Mary Idenden were born in Luddenham and Oare, but we are not sure that they are the same Edward and Mary found in Wye. So if you can tell us anything about these people, please get in touch.

We have also listed at the foot of the page members of other Iddenden families who were living in Wye at around the same time. We have not so far been able to establish whether or how these other families are related to our own ancestors.

Some of the names below are linked to a more detailed record in the on-line family tree (people marked with an asterisk do not have a full record). When you click on a link, the linked record will be displayed in a separate window. There you can see the family relationships as we understand them, together with notes on what we have found in parish registers, census returns and other records.

Mary Iddenden
Baptised 1753 (Jul 15) Wye, Kent
Married 1777 (Apr 24) Wye, Kent

She had two illegitimate children before her marriage...

Thomas Reader
Mary Iddenden
Baptised 1772 (Apr 21) Wye, Kent
Buried 1800 (Feb 9) Wye, Kent
William Iddenden
Baptised 1775 (Mar 12) Wye, Kent
Married 1801 (Jul 25) Godmersham, Kent
  (children listed in table 1 below)
Buried 1856 (Jul 20) Wye, Kent

Ann Jones

Buried 1856 (Jun 29) Wye, Kent

1. Children of William Iddenden and Ann Jones

Ann Iddenden
Baptised 1802 (Aug 22) Wye, Kent
Buried 1824 (Jun 1) Wye, Kent
William Iddenden
Baptised 1804 (Jul 8) Wye, Kent
Buried 1835 (Jul 9) Wye, Kent
Maria Iddenden
Baptised 1806 (Jul 13) Wye, Kent
Buried 1821 (Dec 4) Wye, Kent
John Iddenden
Baptised 1808 (Apr 23) Wye, Kent
Married 1829 (May 2) Wye, Kent
  (children listed in table 2 below)
Buried 1889 (Jan 13) Ashford, Kent

Elizabeth Hodges (née Soughton)
Baptised 1806 (Nov 16) Crundale, Kent
Buried 1884 (Jul 6) Ashford, Kent
George Iddenden
Baptised 1810 (Jun 10) Wye, Kent
Married 1833 (Aug 31) Wye, Kent
  (children listed in table 3 below)
Buried 1888 (Feb 26) Waltham, Kent

Elizabeth Swann
Baptised 1817 (Mar 30) Challock, Kent
Buried 1888 (Sep 16) Waltham, Kent
James Iddenden
Baptised 1812 (Jan 13) Wye, Kent
Jemima Iddenden
Born 1814 (May 14) Wye, Kent
Married 1835 (Feb 15) Wye, Kent
  (children listed on Anderson page)
Died 1888 (Sep 18) Chartham, Kent

William Anderson
Born 1815 (Aug 16) Canterbury, Kent
Died 1896 (Oct 8) Canterbury, Kent
Henry Iddenden
Baptised 1816 (Mar 10) Wye, Kent
Married 1839 (Oct 12) Thanington, Kent
  (children listed in table 4 below)
Buried 1892 (Mar 5) Canterbury, Kent

Sarah Haywood
Baptised 1817 (Jul 20) Monks Horton, Kent
Buried 1883 (Jan 28) Canterbury, Kent
Frances Iddenden
Baptised 1817 (Dec 22) Wye, Kent
Married 1840 (Jul 12) Canterbury, Kent

Married 1857 (Jul 20) Willesborough, Kent

Buried 1902 (Jan 11) Willesborough, Kent

Robert Newton
Baptised 1814 (May 15) Hinxhill, Kent
Buried 1855 (Sep 30) Hinxhill, Kent
Henry Warrington
Baptised 1823 (Aug 10) Hinxhill, Kent
Buried 1897 (Aug 18) Willesborough, Kent
Eliza Iddenden
Baptised 1820 (Jan 23) Wye, Kent
Married 1845 (May 13) Thanington, Kent

Buried 1853 (Mar 25) Canterbury, Kent

Richard Winchester
Baptised 1819 (Feb 27) Marden, Kent
Died 1852 (Aug 27) Canterbury, Kent
Edward Iddenden
Baptised 1822 (Aug 21) Wye, Kent
Married 1846 (Sep 12) Ashford, Kent
  (children listed in table 5 below)

Married 1896 (1st Qtr) Tonbridge, Kent

Died 1911 (3rd Qtr) Willesborough, Kent

Eliza Hill
Baptised 1817 (Feb 9) Ashford, Kent
Buried 1895 (Mar 9) Ashford, Kent
Martha Mead*
Born 1853 (Oct 4) Collingbourne, Wiltshire
Died 1940 (2nd Qtr) Ashford, Kent

2. Children of John Iddenden and Elizabeth Hodges (see table 1 above)

Ann Iddenden*
Baptised 1830 (Jan 17) Wye, Kent
Married 1857 (Feb 10) Burley, Rutland

Married 1865 (Nov 26) Newington, London

Living in Chiswick, London at 1891 census

Joseph Pickworth
Baptised 1834 (Jun 14) Baston, Lincolnshire
Buried 1858 (Apr 11) Easton on the Hill, Northants
James Clark
Baptised 1839 (Feb 10) Brixton, London
Living in Chiswick, London at 1891 census
Elizabeth Iddenden*
Baptised 1832 (Jan 29) Wye, Kent
Married 1869 (Nov 13) Pimlico, London

Buried 1913 (Oct 2) Barnes, Surrey

James Phillips
Born 1842 (3rd Qtr) Hazeley, Hampshire
Buried 1893 (Nov 4) Barnes, Surrey
Eliza Iddenden
Baptised 1834 (Apr 20) Wye, Kent
James Iddenden*
Baptised 1839 (Mar 28) Wye, Kent
Married 1861 (Jan 16) Greatconnell, Kildare
  (children listed in table 7 below)
Died 1889 (1st Qtr) Sevenoaks, Kent

Colina McLeod
Born 1839 (Sep 6) Boleskine, Inverness
Died 1925 (1st Qtr) Sevenoaks, Kent
Maria Iddenden*
Baptised 1841 (Jul 4) Wye, Kent
Married 1870 (3rd Qtr) Easthampstead, Berks

Died 1920 (Nov 2) Camberwell, London

John Titcombe
Born 1843 (4th Qtr) Compton Beauchamp, Berks
Died 1917 (4th Qtr) Camberwell, London
Edward Iddenden*
Born 1844 (3rd Qtr) Wye, Kent
Married 1867 (Nov 10) Canterbury, Kent
  (children listed in table 9a below)

Married 1887 (Feb 6) Dover, Kent
  (children listed in table 9b below)
Buried 1922 (Mar 9) Canterbury, Kent

Maria Louisa Tilbe
Baptised 1850 (Aug 4) Canterbury, Kent
Buried 1884 (Jul 14) Canterbury, Kent
Ann Blaxland
Baptised 1849 (Apr 25) Seasalter, Kent
Died 1924 (1st Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Ellen Iddenden*
Born 1848 (3rd Qtr) Wye, Kent
Buried 1934 (Jul 23) Camberwell, London
John William Iddenden*
Born 1853 (4th Qtr) Walworth, London
Married 1872 (4th Qtr) Brentford, London
  (children listed in table 11 below)
Buried 1878 (May 22) Ashford, Kent

Phoebe Amelia Silverwood
Born 1849 (Mar 27) Bow, London
Died 1927 (2nd Qtr) Ashford, Kent

3. Children of George Iddenden and Elizabeth Swann (see table 1 above)

George William Iddenden*
Baptised 1833 (Nov 10) Wye, Kent
Married 1866 (Feb 10) Patrixbourne, Kent

Died 1919 (Mar 5) Bekesbourne, Kent

Ann Rickwood (née Hopper)
Baptised 1817 (Feb 9) Patrixbourne, Kent
Died 1900 (1st Qtr) Bekesbourne, Kent
Mary Ann Iddenden
Baptised 1835 (May 4) Waltham, Kent
James Edwin Iddenden*
Baptised 1837 (Jun 25) Waltham, Kent
Married 1861 (Nov 10) Maidstone, Kent
  (children listed in table 6 below)
Died 1918 (Sep 28) Dartford, Kent

Mary Ann Allman
Baptised 1843 (Aug 20) Bearsted, Kent
Died 1887 (Mar 27) Dartford, Kent
Henry Iddenden*
Baptised 1839 (Jun 23) Waltham, Kent
Married 1862 (Sep 19) Blean, Kent
  (children listed in table 8 below)
Died 1911 (Jan 2) Antwerp, Belgium

Elizabeth Ann Hoult (née Goldsack)
Baptised 1823 (Oct 5) Blean, Kent
Died 1907 (1st Qtr) Whitstable, Kent
Thomas Iddenden*
Baptised 1841 (Jun 30) Waltham, Kent
Married 1870 (May 15) Petham, Kent

Married 1901 (1st Qtr) Willesborough, Kent

Died 1916 (3rd Qtr) Ashford, Kent

Elizabeth Neame
Baptised 1818 (May 3) Petham, Kent
Buried 1901 (Jan 4) Willesborough, Kent
Elizabeth Briggs (née Luckhurst)
Born 1847 (4th Qtr) Kingsnorth, Kent
Died 1933 (2nd Qtr) Ashford, Kent
Eliza Iddenden
Baptised 1845 (Jun 26) Waltham, Kent
Died 1867 (4th Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Elizabeth Iddenden
Baptised 1847 (Sep 12) Waltham, Kent
Buried 1869 (May 2) Waltham, Kent
Edward Iddenden* (or Eddenden)
Baptised 1849 (Jul 25) Waltham, Kent
Married 1869 (Jan 17) Hardingstone, Northants
  (one child who died in infancy)

Married 1872 (Dec 9) Highgate, London
  (children listed in table 13 below)
Died 1905 (2nd Qtr) Camberley, Surrey

Harriet Ann(ie) Chapman
Baptised 1849 (Jul 29) Silverstone, Northants
Died 1872 (1st Qtr) Newbridge, Co Kildare
Sarah Ann Brindle
Born 1852 (4th Qtr) Highgate, London
Died 1925 (1st Qtr) Camberley, Surrey
Julia Elizabeth Iddenden* (Julia Ann)
Baptised 1852 (Apr 4) Waltham, Kent
Married 1869 (Nov 14) Waltham, Kent
  (marriage ended in divorce in 1888)

Married 1888 (Dec 9) Newington, London

Married 1909 (Jan 31) Southwark, London
Died 1921 (Mar 1) Southwark, London

Henry Philpott
Born 1845 (3rd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Died 1907 (Nov 1) Canterbury, Kent
Isaac Benjamin Bristow
Born 1835 (Dec 30) Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Died 1901 (2nd Qtr) Southwark, London
Joseph Wilkinson
Born 1849 (Apr 22) Bermondsey, London
Walter Iddenden*
Baptised 1854 (Dec 17) Waltham, Kent
Married 1879 (Jul 26) Waltham, Kent

Died 1921 (3rd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

Mary Ann Daniels
Born 1853 (2nd Qtr) Wootton, Kent
Died 1919 (4th Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Alfred Iddenden*
Born 1860 (1st Qtr) Waltham, Kent
Married 1882 (Mar 12) Wandsworth, London
  (children listed in table 16 below)

Married 1926 (4th Qtr) Westminster, London

Died 1937 (Oct 2) Buckfastleigh, Devon

Annie Bothwright
Born 1861 (4th Qtr) Battisford, Suffolk
Died 1926 (3rd Qtr) Lambeth, London
Florence Elizabeth Abbott
Born 1881 (Nov 11) Buckfastleigh, Devon
Died 1971 (Apr 28) Buckfastleigh, Devon

4. Children of Henry Iddenden and Sarah Haywood (see table 1 above)

William Iddenden*
Born 1840 (Dec 10) Wye, Kent
Married 1881 (Jul 17) Canterbury, Kent
  (children listed in table 14 below)
Died 1912 (Jun 8) Herne Bay, Kent

Mary Ann Susan Bundock
Born 1861 (Jan 9) Ashford, Kent
Died 1952 (3rd Qtr) Herne Bay, Kent
Sarah Ann Iddenden*
Baptised 1845 (Jul 27) Wye, Kent
Married 1864 (Dec 3) Thanington, Kent

Married 1880 (May 17) Fulham, London
Buried 1891 (Feb 25) Canterbury, Kent

John Moores
Baptised 1841 (Sep 5) Northampton, Northants
Buried 1878 (Sep 10) Aldershot, Hampshire
John Meredith
Living in Windsor, Berkshire at 1881 census
Henry Iddenden*
Baptised 1849 (May 6) Wye, Kent
Married 1866 (4th Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
  (children listed in table 10 below)
Died 1892 (1st Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

Elizabeth Easton
Baptised 1844 (Nov 9) Canterbury, Kent
Died 1917 (3rd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Thomas Lawrence Iddenden*
Baptised 1853 (Mar 6) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1873 (Jan 26) Canterbury, Kent
  (children listed in table 12a below)

Married 1885 (4th Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
  (children listed in table 12b below)
Died 1931 (2nd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

Hannah Keeble (or Keable)
Born 1854 (3rd Qtr) Colchester, Essex
Died 1883 (1st Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Mary Walsh Bedwell
Born 1868 (3rd Qtr) Sittingbourne, Kent
Died 1907 (4th Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
John Alfred Iddenden*
Baptised 1858 (Mar 6) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1880 (Mar 9) Chipping Norton, Oxon
  (children listed in table 15 below)
Died 1939 (2nd Qtr) Maidenhead, Berkshire

Alice Charlotte (Lottie) Stanley
Born 1860 (Oct 6) Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
Died 1940 (2nd Qtr) Guildford area, Surrey

5. Children of Edward Iddenden and Eliza Hill (see table 1 above)

Emma Iddenden
Born 1847 (3rd Qtr) Ashford, Kent
Buried 1865 (May 28) Ashford, Kent
Ellen Iddenden*
Born 1851 (3rd Qtr) Ashford, Kent
Married 1874 (Dec 13) Ashford, Kent

Died 1929 (2nd Qtr) Brentford, London

William Honess Ferneley
Born 1849 (2nd Qtr) Thrussington, Leics
Died 1914 (Jun 26) Ashford, Kent
Elizabeth Rebecca Iddenden*
Born 1853 (1st Qtr) Ashford, Kent
Married 1875 (Sep 8) Ashford, Kent

Married 1888 (3rd Qtr) Ashford, Kent

Died 1936 (Oct 10) Chartham, Kent

Robert Simes Baker
Baptised 1839 (Oct 30) Mayfield, Sussex
Died 1881 (1st Qtr) Ashford, Kent
Henry Smith
Baptised 1856 (Jun 29) Oxted, Surrey
Died 1933 (Oct 31) Ashford, Kent
Evalina Iddenden*
Born 1855 (1st Qtr) Ashford, Kent
Married 1881 (2nd Qtr) Ashford, Kent

Died 1930 (Aug 16) Southsea, Hampshire

Arthur Simmonds
Born 1856 (3rd Qtr) Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Died 1932 (4th Qtr) Isle of Wight

6. Children of James Edwin Iddenden and Mary Ann Allman (see table 3 above)

Mary Ann Iddenden
Born 1862 (2nd Qtr) Bearsted, Kent
Died 1893 (Jan 31) Dartford, Kent
Julia Iddenden
Born 1864 (Mar 25) Bearsted, Kent
Died 1945 (Apr 3) Dartford, Kent
James Henry Iddenden
Born 1865 (3rd Qtr) Bearsted, Kent
Married 1892 Victoria, Australia

Bessie Uglow
George Iddenden
Born 1869 (3rd Qtr) Sittingbourne, Kent
Married 1898 (4th Qtr) Dartford, Kent

Died 1945 (Jan 18) Dartford, Kent

Harriet Sarah (Daisy) Poole
Born 1866 (3rd Qtr) Dartford, Kent
Died 1960 (3rd Qtr) Dartford, Kent
Eliza Iddenden
Born 1871 (3rd Qtr) Sittingbourne, Kent
Married 1921 (2nd Qtr) Dartford, Kent
Died 1965 (4th Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

Charles Manning
Jane Iddenden
Born 1873 (3rd Qtr) Sittingbourne, Kent
Married 1905 (Mar 31) New Zealand
Died 1945 (Oct 28) New Zealand

James Alexander Caldwell
Died 1914 (Nov 3) Wellington, New Zealand
(Dorothy) Sarah Iddenden
Born 1874 (4th Qtr) Sittingbourne, Kent
Died 1960 (Jul 10) Dartford, Kent
Emily Iddenden
Born 1876 (May 22) Sittingbourne, Kent
Died 1955 (1st Qtr) Dartford, Kent
John Iddenden
Born 1886 (Oct 24) Dartford, Kent
Married 1911 (3rd Qtr) Dartford, Kent

Died 1985 (Mar 1) Westgate-on-Sea, Kent

Winifred Stephanie Brain
Born 1889 (Jan 27) Hornsey, London
Died 1973 (4th Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

7. Children of James Iddenden and Colina McLeod (see table 2 above)

James William John Iddenden
Born 1863 (May 15) Hulme, Manchester
Married 1887 (May 1) Sheffield, Yorkshire
  (children born in Sheffield and in India)
Died 1941 (4th Qtr) Sheffield, Yorkshire

Mary Ann Jane Reid
Born 1870 (Aug 12) Devonport, Devon
Died 1952 (1st Qtr) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Edward Alexander Iddenden
Born 1866 (Oct 12) Kensington, London
Married 1906 (Dec 22) Reading, Berkshire

Died 1958 (1st Qtr) Croydon area, Surrey

Mary Ann (Mamie) Goble (née Phillips)
Born 1863 (1st Qtr) Market Lavington, Wiltshire
Died 1932 (1st Qtr) Croydon, Surrey
Emily Elizabeth Iddenden
Born 1868 (Apr 3) Perth, Scotland
Married 1892 (4th Qtr) Sevenoaks, Kent

Died 1951 (2nd Qtr) Ellesmere, Shropshire

Charles Kesterton
Born 1866 (Aug 15) Ellesmere, Shropshire
Died 1956 (Mar 1) Ellesmere, Shropshire
George Augustus Iddenden
Born 1871 (Nov 28) Limerick, Ireland
Married 1894 (Dec 24) Salford, Lancashire

Married 1904 (3rd Qtr) West Ham, London
  (children born in Dublin, Ireland)
Died 1931 (Feb 1) Rochester, Kent

Ada Jackson
Baptised 1872 (May 15) Salford, Lancashire
Living in Salford, Lancashire at 1911 census
Alice Eliza Perry
Born 1872 (Oct 27) Mile End, London
Died 1970 (Dec 26) Rochester, Kent
John Moores Iddenden
Born 1874 (Nov 16) Aldershot, Hampshire
Died 1900 (Apr 17) Modderspruit, South Africa
Maude Mary Iddenden
Born 1876 (4th Qtr) Aldershot, Hampshire
Married 1902 (3rd Qtr) Sevenoaks, Kent

Died 1962 (Mar 13) Reading, Berkshire

John Dudley
Born 1880 (1st Qtr) Dorking, Surrey
Died 1954 (Aug 12) Reading, Berkshire
Francis Charles Iddenden
Born 1878 (Feb 12) Seal, Sevenoaks, Kent
Died 1905 (4th Qtr) Preston, Lancashire
Colin Norman Iddenden
Born 1879 (4th Qtr) Dunton Green, Kent
Died 1904 (2nd Qtr) Fulham, London
Harry Hector Iddenden
Born 1881 (Dec 14) Riverhead, Kent
Married 1913 (3rd Qtr) Stafford, Staffordshire
  (children born in Stafford, Staffordshire)
Died 1946 (Aug 14) Stafford, Staffordshire

Ann(ie) Biglane
Born 1884 (Jan 20) Newcastle, Staffordshire
Died 1956 (Jun 20) Stafford, Staffordshire
Albert Edgar Edward Iddenden
Born 1885 (Jan 6) Riverhead, Kent
Married 1908 (1st Qtr) Sevenoaks, Kent
  (children born in Sevenoaks area, Kent)
Died 1957 (Jul 23) Dunton Green, Kent

Fanny Louisa Francis
Born 1888 (Jun 30) Sevenoaks, Kent
Died 1983 (1st Qtr) Tunbridge Wells, Kent

8. Child of Henry Iddenden and Elizabeth Ann Goldsack (see table 3 above)

Henry/Harry Iddenden
Born 1863 (Jun 17) Whitstable, Kent
Married 1888 (2nd Qtr) Hastings, Sussex
  (one child born in Hastings, Sussex)
Died 1929 (4th Qtr) Lewisham, London

Ellen Eliza Lavender
Born 1866 (Mar 16) Lewes, Sussex
Died 1943 (Aug 22) Dartford, Kent

9a. Children of Edward Iddenden and Maria Louisa Tilbe (see table 2 above)

Edward Iddenden
Baptised 1868 (Dec 13) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1891 (Jul 26) Canterbury, Kent
  (children born in Whitstable/Canterbury)
Died 1906 (3rd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

Esther Ann Silk
Born 1868 (3rd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Died 1939 (Mar 26) Canterbury, Kent
James Thomas Iddenden
Baptised 1874 (Mar 1) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1895 (Oct 10) Canterbury, Kent
  (two children born in Canterbury, Kent)
Buried 1901 (Aug 4) Canterbury, Kent

Frances Vass
Born 1875 (Jan 26) Canterbury, Kent
Died 1958 (3rd Qtr) Sittingbourne, Kent

9b. Children of Edward Iddenden and Ann Blaxland

Elizabeth Madeline Iddenden
Born 1887 (4th Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1916 (Jun 11) Canterbury, Kent

Henry Freeman

10. Children of Henry Iddenden and Elizabeth Easton (see table 4 above)

Henry George Iddenden
Born 1870 (3rd Qtr) Margate, Kent
Married 1895 (Dec 1) Canterbury, Kent
  (one child born in Canterbury, Kent)
Died 1912 (3rd Qtr) Tonbridge, Kent

Emily Rose Donovan
Born 1869 (May 30) Chelsea, London
Died 1958 (1st Qtr) Tonbridge, Kent
Percy Moores Iddenden
Born 1873 (3rd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1895 (May 12) Canterbury, Kent
  (children born in Canterbury, Kent)
Died 1938 (1st Qtr) Thanet, Kent

Bertha Mary Edwards
Born 1873 (May 3) Canterbury, Kent
Died 1950 (Aug 23) Chartham, Kent
William Iddenden
Born 1876 (2nd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1904 (Dec 25) Dalston, London
  (children born in Paddington, London)
Died 1930 (3rd Qtr) Paddington, London

Ellen Florence Bassenden
Born 1879 (4th Qtr) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Died 1961 (1st Qtr) Hackney, London
Joseph Iddenden
Born 1879 (Apr 17) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1902 (Nov 4) Ramsgate, Kent
  (one child born in Canterbury, Kent)
Died 1948 (1st Qtr) Tonbridge, Kent

Florence Kate Louise Challis
Born 1879 (May 3) Ramsgate, Kent
Died 1963 (1st Qtr) Croydon, Surrey
John Iddenden
Born 1881 (Jun 17) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1906 (Oct 26) Canterbury, Kent
  (children born in Canterbury and Margate)
Buried 1940 (May 27) Sidmouth, Devon

Anna Maria (Annie) Carter
Baptised 1878 (Feb 6) Sidmouth, Devon
Died 1936 (4th Qtr) Sidmouth, Devon
Ethelbert Iddenden
Baptised 1884 (Apr 20) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1913 (1st Qtr) Paddington, London

Died 1915 (Dec 14) Loos campaign, France

Ethel Barrett
Born 1892 (Aug 3) Mayfair, London
Died 1978 (2nd Qtr) Barnstaple area, Devon
Alfred Edward Iddenden
Baptised 1887 (Jul 10) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1911 (Mar 23) Canterbury, Kent
  (one child born in Canterbury)
Died 1923 (4th Qtr) Ramsgate, Kent

Marian Harmer
Born 1884 (Nov 30) Heathfield, Sussex
Died 1956 (Mar 26) Sampford Brett, Somerset

11. Children of John William Iddenden and Phoebe A Silverwood (see table 2 above)

Emily Amelia Iddenden
Born 1873 (1st Qtr) Pimlico, London
Married 1897 (Apr 11) Camberwell, London

Died 1925 (Mar 10) Cape Town, South Africa

John Henry Winder
Baptised 1870 (Mar 27) Great Chart, Kent
Died 1931 (Oct 22) Cape Town, South Africa
William John Iddenden
Baptised 1874 (Nov 1) Willesborough, Kent
Buried 1895 (Mar 6) Camberwell, London
Frederick Charles Iddenden
Born 1878 (1st Qtr) Ashford, Kent
Buried 1898 (Aug 10) Ashford, Kent

12a. Children of Thomas Lawrence Iddenden and Hannah Keeble (see table 4 above)

Louisa Jane Iddenden
Born 1874 (Dec 13) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1896 (2nd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

Married 1930 (2nd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

Married 1947 (2nd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Died 1963 (1st Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

Herbert James Mears
Baptised 1874 (Mar 22) Canterbury, Kent
Died 1923 (3rd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
George Lippingwell
Born 1885 (Apr 5) Sittingbourne, Kent
Died 1943 (3rd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Charles Standen
Alice Iddenden
Born 1876 (Sep 5) Feering, Essex
Married 1900 (Jun 4) Canterbury, Kent

Married 1943 (4th Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

Died 1951 (1st Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

James Hills
Died 1927 (4th Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
William George Karn
Born 1874 (Aug 5) Faversham, Kent
Died 1956 (1st Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Frederick James Iddenden
Born 1878 (Nov 5) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1915 (May 22) Canterbury, Kent
  (one child born in Canterbury)
Died 1940 (4th Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

Mabel Annie Short
Born 1889 (Aug 31) Lambeth, London

12b. Children of Thomas Lawrence Iddenden and Mary W Bedwell (see table 4 above)

Frank Iddenden
Born 1886 (Nov 9) Canterbury, Kent
Died 1906 (1st Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Herbert Iddenden
Born 1889 (3rd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Died 1933 (Nov 7) Canterbury, Kent
Florence Mary Iddenden
Baptised 1891 (Dec 28) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1916 (Sep 23) Chartham, Kent

Died 1953 (1st Qtr) Ashford area, Kent

Edmund Alfred Swan
Baptised 1879 (Mar 28) Challock, Kent
Killed in action 1918 (May 8) France
Harold Sidney Iddenden
Born 1893 (1st Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1918 (2nd Qtr) Stockport, Cheshire
Living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1924

Edith Beck
Born 1897 (2nd Qtr) Manchester, Lancashire
Arthur Thomas Iddenden
Born 1894 (3rd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1918 (1st Qtr) Birley, Herefordshire

Died 1960 (1st Qtr) Hendon, Middlesex

Ada Mary Brooks
Born 1891 (1st Qtr) Birley, Herefordshire
Died 1989 (1st Qtr) Hendon, Middlesex
Ethel May Iddenden
Baptised 1895 (Dec 5) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1921 (4th Qtr) West Ham, London
Died 1978 (Jan 16) Edgware, Middlesex

Frederick George Matthews
Hilda Amelia Iddenden
Born 1897 (Feb 17) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1925 (3rd Qtr) Camberwell, London

Died 1964 (Sep 9) Edgware, Middlesex

Roland John Russell
Born 1900 (Dec 23) Hampstead, London
Died 1984 (1st Qtr) Hendon, Middlesex
Stanley William Iddenden
Born 1898 (May 24) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1930 (4th Qtr) Uxbridge, Middlesex
Died 1977 (3rd Qtr) Hendon, Middlesex

Kate Thompson
Died 1965 (3rd Qtr) Hendon, Middlesex
John Alfred Iddenden
Born 1900 (Jul 29) Canterbury, Kent
Died 1966 (1st Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Ella Iddenden
Born 1907 (Oct 16) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1936 (1st Qtr) Willesden, London

Died 1981 (3rd Qtr) Gosport, Hampshire

Patrick Flynn
Born 1902 (Dec 3) Co Wexford, Ireland
Died 1989 (4th Qtr) Gosport, Hampshire

13. Children of Edward Iddenden and Sarah Ann Brindle (see table 3 above)

This family usually spelt their name Eddenden
Helen Blanche Iddenden
Born 1875 (May 26) Trimulgherry, India
Married 1900 (Dec 26) Frimley, Surrey

Died 1963 (1st Qtr) Camberley, Surrey

William Thomas Elliott
Baptised 1866 (Mar 4) Bagshot, Surrey
Buried 1928 (Jan 6) Camberley, Surrey
Thomas William George Iddenden
Born 1879 (Aug 18) Bangalore, India
Married 1902 (4th Qtr) Yateley, Hampshire
  (children born in Berkshire/Hampshire/Surrey)

Married 1914 (Aug 3) Battersea, London

Died 1953 (4th Qtr) Camberley, Surrey

Floretta Cumner
Born 1882 (3rd Qtr) Sandhurst, Berkshire
Buried 1910 (Nov 28) Hawley, Hampshire
Henrietta Charlotte Sophia Pardoe
Born 1862 (1st Qtr) Camberwell, London
Buried 1941 (Mar 15) Camberley, Surrey
Albert John Iddenden
Born 1881 (May 23) Bangalore, India
Died 1918 (Oct 3) St Omer, France
Edward Alfred Iddenden
Born 1883 (Apr 14) Woolwich, London
Married 1909 (Apr 11) Willesden, London

Died 1947 (4th Qtr) Ware, Hertfordshire

Harriet Dawes
Born 1886 (Mar 3) Willesden, London
Died 1975 (3rd Qtr) Worthing, Sussex
Edith Maude Iddenden
Born 1885 (Nov 23) Woolwich, London
Married 1906 (2nd Qtr) Frimley, Surrey

Died 1980 (Sep 3) Plumstead, London

Harry Gates
Born 1879 (Feb 22) Aldershot, Hampshire
Died 1954 (Jul 29) Plumstead, London
Beatrice Ethel Iddenden
Born 1888 (Aug 30) Farnborough, Hampshire
Married 1913 (Dec 4) Colaba, Bombay, India

Buried 1942 (Feb 6) Frimley, Surrey

Harold Dundas Sheppard
Born 1883 (Mar 3) Woolwich, London
Died 1951 (Nov 13) Hythe, Kent
Bertie Sydney Iddenden
Born 1890 (Oct 21) Camberley, Surrey
Married 1925 (Aug 15) Hawley, Hampshire

Died 1972 (3rd Qtr) Camberley, Surrey

Nella Winifred Mabel Coombes
Born 1902 (Nov 1) Blackwater, Hampshire
Died 1986 (3rd Qtr) Camberley, Surrey
Frederick Arthur Iddenden
Born 1896 (1st Qtr) Camberley, Surrey
Married 1921 (Dec 17) Hamilton, Ontario

Marjorie Adelaide Beckwith
Born 1899 (1st Qtr) Wood Green, London

14. Children of William Iddenden and Mary A S Bundock (see table 4 above)

Isabella Florence Bundock
Born 1880 (Nov 1) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1903 (1st Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Died 1970 (4th Qtr) Bridge district, Kent

William Collins
William James Iddenden
Baptised 1883 (Sep 30) Herne Bay, Kent
Married 1906 (3rd Qtr) Herne Bay, Kent
  (children born in Herne Bay, Kent)
Died 1952 (2nd Qtr) Bridge district, Kent

Caroline Elizabeth Bass
Born 1886 (Jul 1) Portland, Dorset
Died 1981 (Mar 31) Canterbury, Kent
Percy Iddenden
Born 1885 (May 1) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1906 (3rd Qtr) Herne Bay, Kent
  (at least one child born in Herne Bay)
Died 1943 (4th Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

Mary Bass
Born 1887 (Aug 20) Fermoy, Cork, Ireland
Died 1972 (3rd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Rose Ann Iddenden
Born 1887 (Aug 26) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1906 (Nov 3) Herne Bay, Kent

Died 1958 (3rd Qtr) Bridge district, Kent

James Edward Love
Born 1881 (Nov 13) Deal, Kent
Died 1956 (1st Qtr) Bridge district, Kent
Violet Iddenden
Born 1890 (Jan 26) Herne Bay, Kent
Married 1914 (Sep 5) Hampstead, London

Buried 1985 (Jun 4) West Ham, London

Albert Williams Edwards
Born 1888 (Jan 11) Blackfriars, London
Buried 1960 (Oct 27) West Ham, London
Daisy Iddenden
Born 1892 (May 8) Herne Bay, Kent
Married 1913 (Feb 15) Herne Bay, Kent

Died 1970 (Jan 10) Cricklewood, London

Alfred Tomkins (or Tompkins)
Born 1888 (Feb 12) Battersea, London
Died 1977 (4th Qtr) Croydon, Surrey
John Alfred Iddenden
Baptised 1895 (Oct 27) Herne Bay, Kent
Married 1920 (1st Qtr) Herne Bay, Kent
  (children born in Herne Bay, Kent)
Died 1964 (4th Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

Dorothy Hester Whitehead
Born 1896 (Apr 19) West Pennard, Somerset
Died 1988 (3rd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Mary Ann Susan Iddenden
Born 1901 (Jul 19) Herne Bay, Kent
Married 1921 (3rd Qtr) Herne Bay, Kent

Died 1983 (4th Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

William John Sparkes
Born 1896 (Sep 10) Westbere, Kent
Died 1977 (2nd Qtr) Canterbury, Kent
Ethel Ida Iddenden
Born 1905 (Jul 3) Herne Bay, Kent
Married 1926 (4th Qtr) Herne Bay, Kent

Died 1998 (Dec) Canterbury, Kent

Frederick Thomas Nutten
Born 1903 (Nov 20) Whitstable, Kent
Died 1991 (Nov) Canterbury, Kent

15. Children of John Alfred Iddenden and Alice C Stanley (see table 4 above)

Millicent Mary Iddenden
Born 1880 (Dec 19) Chipping Norton, Oxon
Married 1902 (Apr 16) Fulham, London

Married 1926 (4th Qtr) Islington, London

Died 1970 (4th Qtr) Hampstead, London

Frederick George Waterman
Born 1873 (1st Qtr) Chelsea, London
Died 1913 (2nd Qtr) Islington, London
Carl Oscar Martin Peterson
Born 1880 (Feb 25) Landskrona, Sweden
Buried 1952 (Jun 26) East Finchley, London
Francis Henry Iddenden
Born 1882 (Jun 2) Gort, Galway, Ireland
Married 1909 (Aug 9) Bicester, Oxfordshire
  (children born in Kent and Buckinghamshire)
Died 1955 (2nd Qtr) Dover, Kent

Mabel Maud Mercy Morris
Born 1881 (Jun 1) Arncott, Oxfordshire
Died 1940 (Aug 22) Taunton, Somerset
John Patrick Iddenden
Born 1884 (Oct 11) Dublin, Ireland
Married 1908 (4th Qtr) Winchester, Hants
  (children born in Winchester area, Hants)
Died 1948 (1st Qtr) Guildford area, Surrey

Annie Bradley
Born 1887 (Feb 7) Birr, Offaly, Ireland
Died 1977 (3rd Qtr) Guildford area, Surrey
May Iddenden
Born 1893 (2nd Qtr) York, Yorkshire
Living in Clapham, London at 1911 census
Lionel Claude Iddenden
Born 1897 (3rd Qtr) Maidenhead, Berkshire
Died 1916 (Jul 15) Somme campaign, France
James Iddenden
Born 1899 (Aug 8) Fulham, London
Married 1931 (4th Qtr) Southwark, London
  (at least one child born in London)
Died 1977 (1st Qtr) Thanet, Kent

Annie Lily Leonard
Born 1906 (Feb 6) Bermondsey, London
Died 1991 (Nov) County Durham
William Cecil Iddenden
Born 1903 (Jul 6) Canterbury, Kent
Married 1927 (4th Qtr) Southwark, London
  (two children born in London)
Died 1980 (4th Qtr) Merton, London

Mary Taylor Dyce
Born 1907 (Jul 20) Aberdeen, Scotland
Died 1994 (Feb) Bromley, Kent

16. Children of Alfred Iddenden and Annie Bothwright (see table 3 above)

George Henry Iddenden
Born 1882 (Nov 13) Clapham, London
Married 1908 (Oct 11) Clapham, London
  (at least one child born in London)
Died 1958 (2nd Qtr) Guildford area, Surrey

Ada Blanche Webb
Born 1882 (Apr 9) Clapham, London
Died 1962 (Apr 12) Wimbledon, Surrey
Olive Maud Iddenden
Born 1883 (Nov 6) Brixton, London
Married 1907 (Jun 2) Brixton, London

Died 1979 (Jan 22) Dorking, Surrey

Frederick Arthur Weymouth
Born 1881 (Aug 18) Ramsgate, Kent
Died 1959 (Jun 13) Norbury, London
Annie Blanche Iddenden
Born 1886 (Apr 12) Brixton, London
Married 1917 (Sep 2) Wapping, London

Died 1978 (Feb 18) Croydon, Surrey

Sydney Arthur Coulson
Born 1882 (Dec 26) Hove, Sussex
Died 1974 (4th Qtr) Lambeth, London
Alfred Edward Iddenden
Born 1887 (Dec 26) Brixton, London
Married 1914 (4th Qtr) Fulham, London
  (at least one child born in London)
Died 1975 (Sep 26) Balham, London

Edith Helen Cordwener
Born 1886 (Mar 26) Fulham, London
Died 1965 (Aug 17) Balham, London
Daisy Iddenden
Born 1891 (1st Qtr) Brixton, London
Married 1916 (2nd Qtr) Lambeth, London
Died 1963 (Apr 9) Balham, London

Edwin John Miller
Died 1954 (Feb 17) Battersea, London
Frederick Iddenden
Born 1893 (Dec 26) Brixton, London
Died 1918 (2nd Qtr) Lambeth, London
Eunice Iddenden
Born 1895 (Sep 8) Brixton, London
Died 1982 (May 21) Streatham, London
Elsie Iddenden
Born 1897 (Apr 10) Brixton, London
Married 1934 (3rd Qtr) Camberwell, London

Died 1992 (Oct) Croydon, Surrey

William James Perrin
Born 1898 (May 30) Walworth, London
Died 1963 (2nd Qtr) Wembley, London
Walter Thomas Iddenden
Born 1900 (Oct 6) Brixton, London
Married 1929 (Aug 10) Brixton, London

Died 1985 (Feb) Croydon, Surrey

Ivy May Reynolds
Born 1903 (May 4) Harringay, London
Died 2000 (Apr 1) Lambeth, London
Albert Ernest Iddenden
Born 1904 (Nov 18) Brixton, London
Married 1929 (1st Qtr) Streatham, London

Died 1986 (1st Qtr) Worthing, Sussex

Ima Elizabeth Clark
Born 1907 (Sep 12) Streatham, London
Died 1959 (Mar 25) Streatham, London

Other Iddenden Families in Wye

Listed below are members of other Iddenden families who were living in Wye at the same time as our own ancestors. We have not so far been able to establish whether or how they are related to our own family. The first of these families descends from John Iddenden, one of several children of Joseph Iddenden and Jane Hunt baptised in Shadoxhurst, south-west of Ashford. He appears to have lived in Wye from about 1762 until his death in 1803.

John Iddenden
Baptised 1732 (Dec 24) Shadoxhurst, Kent
Married 1757 (Jul 25) Boughton Aluph, Kent
  (children listed in table 17 below)
Buried 1803 (Apr 10) Wye, Kent

Sarah Coleman

Buried 1792 (Jul) Wye, Kent

17. Children of John Iddenden and Sarah Coleman

Thomas Iddenden
Baptised 1762 (Oct 31) Wye, Kent
Married 1785 (Oct 31) Boughton Aluph, Kent
Buried 1787 (Nov 5) Wye, Kent

Mary Roofe
Margaret Iddenden
Baptised 1764 (Dec 9) Wye, Kent
Buried 1793 (Oct 18) Wye, Kent
William Iddenden
Baptised 1767 (Sep 6) Wye, Kent
Married 1792 (Dec 26) Wye, Kent
  (children listed in table 18 below)

Mary Skelton (or Skilton)
Ann Iddenden
Baptised 1769 (Dec 24) Wye, Kent
Joseph Iddenden
Baptised 1774 (Jun 12) Wye, Kent
Buried 1816 (Dec 12) Wye, Kent

18. Children of William Iddenden and Mary Skelton

Mary Iddenden
Baptised 1793 (May 19) Wye, Kent
Buried 1816 (Jan 18) Canterbury, Kent
Thomasine Iddenden
Baptised 1798 (Feb 6) Wye, Kent
Married 1833 (Oct 23) Canterbury, Kent

Died 1862 (4th Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

Thomas Lawrance (or Lawrence)
Born about 1804 Whitstable, Kent
Died 1879 (1st Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

The other family found in Wye descends from George Iddenden, who was probably born about 1806, but no baptism has been found and his age and birthplace are recorded inconsistently in census records. His name was sometimes recorded as George Epps Iddenden, so we think that he may have been illegitimate, but this has not helped us to shed any light on his origins. George and his family lived in Wye for about 15 years, then moved to Boughton-under-Blean, near Faversham.

George (Epps) Iddenden
Married 1833 (Oct 19) Charing, Kent
  (children listed in table 19 below)
Buried 1891 (Jun 20) Chilham, Kent

Charlotte Kennett
Born about 1810 Brook, Kent
Buried 1880 (Oct 20) Dunkirk, Kent

19. Children of George Iddenden and Charlotte Kennett

Mary Iddenden
Baptised 1834 (May 11) Brook, Kent
Married 1854 (Dec 25) Boughton-under-Blean

John Griggs
Ann Iddenden
Baptised 1835 (Dec 25) Brook, Kent
Married 1865 (Oct 23) Boughton-under-Blean

Buried 1903 (Mar 3) Chilham, Kent

Henry Harris
Baptised 1833 (Nov 3) Chilham, Kent
Buried 1898 (Feb 12) Chilham, Kent
Stephen Iddenden
Baptised 1838 (Mar 1) Wye, Kent
Married 1861 (Sep 28) Dunkirk, Kent
  (children born in London and Kent)
Died 1915 (3rd Qtr) Faversham, Kent

Harriet Tong(e)
Baptised 1842 (Jul 24) Dunkirk, Kent
Died 1916 (2nd Qtr) Faversham, Kent
Eliza Iddenden
Baptised 1840 (Oct 4) Wye, Kent
Buried 1861 (Jan 27) Boughton-under-Blean
Martha Iddenden
Baptised 1843 (Sep 3) Wye, Kent
Married 1861 (4th Qtr) Canterbury, Kent

Living in Faversham, Kent at 1881 census

Richard Cox
Baptised 1837 (Sep 10) Boughton Aluph, Kent
Buried 1884 (Aug 17) Faversham, Kent
Jane Iddenden
Baptised 1848 (Jul 29) Wye, Kent
Buried 1890 (May 21) Boughton-under-Blean
Wiliam Iddenden
Born 1849 (4th Qtr) Wye, Kent
Married 1870 (3rd Qtr) Faversham, Kent
  (several children born in Kent)
Buried 1932 (June 16) Thanington, Kent

Mary Ann Amos
Born about 1850 Willesborough, Kent
Buried 1933 (Nov 2) Thanington, Kent
Louisa Iddenden
Baptised 1856 (Sep 2) Boughton-under-Blean
Married 1873 (Oct 18) Selling, Kent

Died 1936 (4th Qtr) Lewisham, London

Edward Henry Epps
Baptised 1850 (Nov 3) Selling, Kent
Died 1934 (2nd Qtr) Lewisham, London

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