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The Bent and Liddon Families

This page lists those members of the related Bent and Liddon families whose origins we are researching. Entries in italics are inferred or uncertain, or have been supplied by other researchers and not personally verified by us. The list does not include children known to have died in infancy. Please contact Chris Warren if you feel that the family listed here is connected with your own research. At present we know very little about the early history of either family, but we hope that by publishing this summary here we can make contact and exchange data with people who can tell us more or who can point us in the right direction to continue our own research.

Our ancestors from the Bent family lived in the West Midlands, on what was then the border between Staffordshire and Worcestershire. We have traced our line back to George Bent and Ann Lee, who were married in 1760 in Kingswinford, Staffordshire. We know very little else about them, although we have found records relating to their descendants in Kingswinford and other parishes in that area. The family surname was sometimes spelt Bint or Bintt. Two children named George Bent were baptised in Manchester in 1731, but we have found nothing so far to connect them to our family.

Their daughter Sarah Bent married John Liddon in 1814 in Melcombe Regis, now part of Weymouth in Dorset. We know nothing for certain about John Liddon other than that he was a shoemaker. We have found several baptisms of a John Liddon (or Lyddon) at about the right time, and the death in Taunton of one of the right age and occupation, but nothing so far to connect any of these people to our family. By the 1841 census Sarah and her son Thomas Liddon were living in London, where the next generation of the Liddon family was born.

Some of the names below are linked to a more detailed record in the on-line family tree (people marked with an asterisk do not have a full record). When you click on a link, the linked record will be displayed in a separate window. There you can see the family relationships as we understand them, together with notes on what we have found in parish registers, census returns and other records.

George Bent
Married 1760 (Jan 28) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
  (children listed in table 1 below)
Buried 1806 (Dec 31) Kingswinford, Staffordshire

Ann Lee*
Baptised 1737 (Sep 25) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Buried 1817 (Sep 12) Kingswinford, Staffordshire

1. Children of George Bent and Ann Lee

Margaret Bent*
Baptised 1763 (Feb 13) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Married 1786 (Nov 13) Oldbury, Worcestershire

Buried 1837 (Nov 12) Kingswinford, Staffordshire

Thomas Smithyman
Baptised 1759 (Aug 26) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Buried 1835 (May 28) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
John Bent*
Baptised 1765 (Aug 4) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Married 1808 (Jul 31) Tipton, Staffordshire
  (children baptised in Dudley, Worcestershire)
Buried 1843 (May 28) Dudley, Worcestershire

Mary Woodhall

Buried 1846 (Jun 3) Dudley, Worcestershire
Hannah Bent*
Baptised 1768 (Jan 1) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Married 1786 (Jul 18) Oldbury, Worcestershire
Buried 1826 (Mar 16) Brierley Hill, Staffordshire

Joseph Seager
Baptised 1760 (Oct 19) Old Swinford, Worcs
Ann Bent
Baptised 1770 (Oct 28) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Jane Bent
Baptised 1773 (Mar 14) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Married 1796 (Oct 31) Dudley, Worcestershire
Buried 1809 (Aug 31) Dudley, Worcestershire

John Perry
Thomas Bent
Baptised 1775 (Dec 31) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Sarah Bent
Baptised 1780 (Feb 4) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Married 1814 (Apr 18) Melcombe Regis, Dorset
  (children listed in table 3 below)
Died 1854 (Sep 4) Bermondsey, London

John Liddon
George Bent
Baptised 1787 (Apr 8) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Married 1811 (Feb 25) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
  (children listed in table 2 below)

Married 1823 (Feb 17) Tipton, Staffordshire

Buried 1859 (Jan 30) Brockmoor, Staffordshire

Amy (or Emma) Hughes
Baptised 1794 (Aug 10) Brierley Hill, Staffordshire
Buried 1822 (Jun 25) Dudley, Worcestershire
Martha Witton (or Whitton)
Baptised 1775 (Apr 16) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Buried 1849 (Sep 12) Kingswinford, Staffordshire

2. Children of George Bent and Amy Hughes (see table 1 above)

Ann Bent
Baptised 1813 (Jul 18) Dudley, Worcestershire
Married 1833 (Feb 4) Rowley Regis, Staffordshire
Died 1842 (2nd Qtr) Dudley, Worcestershire

William Dutton
George Bent
Baptised 1817 (Dec 25) Old Swinford, Worcs
Married 1838 (Nov 19) Tipton, Staffordshire
  (children listed in table 4 below)
Buried 1888 (Sep 9) Brockmoor, Staffordshire

Mary Peters
Baptised 1819 (Sep 12) Dudley, Worcestershire
Buried 1902 (Nov 5) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Emma Bent*
Baptised 1819 (Nov 14) Old Swinford, Worcs
Married 1840 (May 24) Clent, Worcestershire

Married 1874 (Dec 20) Reddall Hill, Staffordshire
Died 1891 (3rd Qtr) Rowley Regis, Staffordshire

William Carter
Born about 1816 Rowley Regis, Staffordshire
Died 1869 (2nd Qtr) Rowley Regis, Staffordshire
William Birch
Born about 1827 Rowley Regis, Staffordshire

3. Children of John Liddon and Sarah Bent (see table 1 above)

Thomas Liddon
Baptised 1820 (Feb 20) Melcombe Regis, Dorset
Married 1845 (Jan 8) Westminster, London
  (children listed in table 5 below)
Died 1854 (Nov 23) Southwark, London

Charlotte Jeffreys
Baptised 1822 (Apr 21) Barnes, Surrey
Died 1900 (Nov 22) Rotherhithe, London

4. Children of George Bent and Mary Peters (see table 2 above)

Emma Bent*
Born 1839 (May 30) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1870 (Aug 21) Sedgley, Staffordshire

Buried 1904 (Mar 12) Brockmoor, Staffordshire

William Westwood
Baptised 1811 (Dec 1) Brierley Hill, Staffordshire
Buried 1889 (Mar 27) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Harriet Bent*
Born 1842 (3rd Qtr) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1862 (Dec 25) Pensnett, Staffordshire

Buried 1903 (Jan 23) Eston, Yorkshire

James Mole
Born 1843 (Nov 6) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Died 1918 (Aug 14) Middlesbrough, Yorkshire
Phoebe Georgina Bent
Born 1847 (4th Qtr) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Died 1864 (4th Qtr) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Thomas James Bent*
Born 1850 (1st Qtr) Bromley, Staffordshire
Married 1872 (Aug 4) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
  (children listed in table 7 below)
Buried 1914 (Apr 15) Brockmoor, Staffordshire

Jemima Price
Born 1854 (Jun 3) Brierley Hill, Staffordshire
Buried 1910 (Feb 26) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
George Bent*
Born 1852 (1st Qtr) Bromley, Staffordshire
Married 1870 (Dec 25) Dudley, Worcestershire
  (children listed in table 6 below)
Died 1907 (Jun 21) Darlington, Durham

Caroline (or Catherine) Ledington (spelling varies)
Born 1852 (2nd Qtr) Kidderminster, Worcestershire
Buried 1939 (Apr 26) Fulwell, Durham
John Bent*
Born 1854 (1st Qtr) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1889 (Jan 20) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
  (children listed in table 11 below)
Buried 1898 (Jan 16) Brockmoor, Staffordshire

Sarah Ann Pritchard(s)
Born 1870 (2nd Qtr) Dudley, Worcestershire
Living in Wilnecote, Warwickshire at 1911 census
Sarah Jane Bent*
Born 1856 (1st Qtr) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1893 (Jan 23) Ormesby, Yorkshire

Buried 1912 (Oct 24) Ormesby, Yorkshire

William George Hooks
Baptised 1851 (Mar 26) Whitby, Yorkshire
Buried 1922 (Jun 10) Ormesby, Yorkshire
Benjamin Bent*
Born 1858 (1st Qtr) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1882 (3rd Qtr) Middlesbrough, Yorkshire
  (children listed in table 10a below)

Married 1886 (Jul 19) Coatbridge, Lanarkshire
  (children listed in table 10b below)
Died 1896 (Oct 16) Coatbridge, Lanarkshire

Eliza Ledington (spelling varies)
Born 1862 (3rd Qtr) Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Buried 1883 (Mar 6) Eston, Yorkshire
Annie Cook
Born 1863 (May 1) Edinburgh, Midlothian
Died 1932 (Jan 18) Airdrie, Lanarkshire
Ann Bent*
Born 1860 (Feb 27) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1882 (Jul 17) Dudley, Worcestershire

Died 1937 (Jan 22) Brockmoor, Staffordshire

John Parkes
Born about 1860 Dudley Port, Worcestershire
Living in Brockmoor, Staffs at 1921 census
Mary Bent*
Born 1862 (2nd Qtr) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1879 (Sep 1) Dudley, Worcestershire

Died 1926 (May 3) Brockmoor, Staffordshire

John Perry
Born 1857 (2nd Qtr) Brierley Hill, Staffordshire
Living in Brockmoor, Staffs at 1921 census
Alice Bent*
Born 1864 (3rd Qtr) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1887 (2nd Qtr) Middlesbrough, Yorkshire

Married (date and place unknown)
Buried 1936 (Jul 1) Eston, Yorkshire

Robert Turnbull
Born about 1862 Middlesbrough, Yorkshire
John Daley
Buried 1914 (Feb 6) Middlesbrough, Yorkshire

5. Children of Thomas Liddon and Charlotte Jeffreys (see table 3 above)

Lydia Letitia Liddon
Born 1846 (Apr 29) Chelsea, London
Married 1868 (Feb 23) Westminster, London

Died 1920 (Jul 16) Lewisham, London

William Henley*
Born 1845 (Mar 23) Westminster, London
Died 1889 (1st Qtr) Lewisham, London
Sarah Liddon
Born 1847 (Sep 12) Chelsea, London
Married 1876 (Oct 9) Rotherhithe, London
  (children listed on Allison page)
Died 1920 (Sep 23) Forest Hill, London

Richard Allison
Born 1849 (Oct 30) Strand, London
Died 1932 (Apr 1) Forest Hill, London
Thomas John Liddon
Born 1851 (Mar 9) Chelsea, London
Married (date and place unknown)
  (children listed in table 8 below)
Died 1929 (Mar 31) Niagara Falls, New York

Elizabeth Emma Taylor*
Born 1847 (Mar 22) Rotherhithe, London
Died 1930 (Jan 31) Niagara Falls, New York
Henry Liddon
Born 1853 (Feb 9) Bermondsey, London
Married 1875 (Jun 12) Fall River, Massachusetts
  (children listed in table 9 below)
Died 1910 (Jul 17) Inwood, Lambton, Ontario

Ellen Gray*
Born 1850 (Aug 4) St Giles, Holborn, London
Died 1926 (Oct 14) Petrolia, Lambton, Ontario

6. Children of George Bent and Caroline Ledington (see table 4 above)

John Bent
Born 1871 (Jun 25) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1892 (3rd Qtr) Sunderland, Durham
  (children born in Sunderland, Durham)
Buried 1941 (Oct 9) Fulwell, Durham

Sarah Prince
Born 1870 (Jul 27) Sunderland, Durham
Buried 1945 (Apr 7) Fulwell, Durham
George Bent
Born 1874 (1st Qtr) South Bank, Yorkshire
Married 1897 (1st Qtr) Sunderland, Durham
  (children born in Coatbridge and Sunderland)
Died 1933 (4th Qtr) Darlington, Durham

Elizabeth Isabella (Lily) Wake
Born 1877 (Jan 18) Tyne Dock, Durham
Died 1969 (Nov 3) Wembley, Middlesex
William Bent
Born 1876 (2nd Qtr) South Bank, Yorkshire
Married 1901 (3rd Qtr) Sunderland, Durham
  (one child born in Sunderland, Durham)
Buried 1951 (Apr 12) Fulwell, Durham

Martha Norah Graham
Born 1877 (Jan 12) Sunderland, Durham
Died 1972 (2nd Qtr) Sunderland, Durham
Thomas Bent
Born 1878 (3rd Qtr) South Bank, Yorkshire
Married 1899 (3rd Qtr) Sunderland, Durham
  (children born in Sunderland, Durham)
Died 1960 (Dec 11) Coatbridge, Lanarkshire

Mary Jane Raven
Born 1878 (3rd Qtr) Boldon, Durham
Died 1951 (Nov 20) Coatbridge, Lanarkshire
Joseph Bent
Born 1880 (May 5) South Bank, Yorkshire
Married 1899 (4th Qtr) Sunderland, Durham
  (children born in Sunderland, Durham)
Buried 1950 (Jan 5) Fulwell, Durham

Mary Jane Barnes
Born 1878 (Jun 19) Sunderland, Durham
Buried 1957 (Oct 31) Fulwell, Durham
Benjamin Bent
Born 1882 (Jan 9) Mount Pleasant, Staffs
Married 1905 (Oct 20) Monkwearmouth, Durham
  (two children born in Sunderland, Durham)

Married 1915 (2nd Qtr) Sunderland, Durham
  (one child born in Sunderland, Durham)
Died 1971 (Oct 3) Carlisle, Cumberland

Jane Ellen Maughan
Born 1883 (1st Qtr) Sunderland, Durham
Buried 1914 (Jan 22) Fulwell, Durham
Edith Pauline Sieg
Born 1882 (Jul 28) Harwich, Essex
Died 1956 (2nd Qtr) Hitchin, Hertfordshire
Eliza Ann Bent
Born 1883 (May 2) South Bank, Yorkshire
Married 1906 (2nd Qtr) Sunderland, Durham

Died 1958 (Feb 23) Gosport, Hampshire

Robert Henry Haysom
Born 1876 (Mar 8) Jarrow, Durham
Died 1950 (1st Qtr) Gosport, Hampshire
Samuel Edward Bent
Born 1884 (Sep 11) Sunderland, Durham
Buried 1912 (Feb 8) Fulwell, Durham
Mary Elizabeth Bent
Born 1886 (Aug 22) Sunderland, Durham
Married 1919 (3rd Qtr) Sunderland, Durham

Died 1970 (Aug 25) Southampton, Hampshire

Walter Sanctuary
Born 1891 (Sep 12) York, Yorkshire
Died 1966 (Aug 28) Fareham, Hampshire
Noah Bent
Born 1888 (4th Qtr) Sunderland, Durham
Married 1913 (Oct 15) Sunderland, Durham
  (children born in Sunderland, Durham)
Died 1924 (Apr 27) Sunderland, Durham

Alice Allen
Born 1894 (2nd Qtr) Hetton le Hole, Durham
Buried 1922 (Jan 24) Fulwell, Durham
Frank Bent
Born 1889 (Dec 29) Sunderland, Durham
Married 1914 (3rd Qtr) Sunderland, Durham
  (children born in Sunderland, Durham)
Buried 1950 (Mar 1) Seaham, Durham

Margaret Phillips Stallard
Born 1889 (May 26) Darlington, Durham
Buried 1972 (Jul 13) Seaham, Durham
Cuthbert Bent
Born 1897 (Jul 23) Sunderland, Durham
Married 1924 (1st Qtr) Sunderland, Durham

Died 1974 (2nd Qtr) Scarborough, Yorkshire

Beatrice Sidney (or Sydney)
Born 1903 (2nd Qtr) Sunderland, Durham
Died 1989 (date unknown) Coatbridge, Lanark

7. Children of Thomas James Bent and Jemima Price (see table 4 above)

Thomas Bent
Born 1872 (Sep 18) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1895 (Sep 22) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
  (children born in Durham and Staffordshire)
Buried 1946 (Apr 19) Brockmoor, Staffordshire

Alice Weaver
Born 1875 (Sep 14) Quarry Bank, Staffordshire
Died 1955 (4th Qtr) Stourbridge area
George Bent
Born 1874 (4th Qtr) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1896 (Dec 25) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
  (children born in Durham and Staffordshire)

Married 1918 (3rd Qtr) Stourbridge area

Died 1933 (4th Qtr) Darlington, Durham

Elizabeth Simmonds (or Simmons)
Born 1874 (Nov 19) Brierley Hill, Staffordshire
Died 1906 (Jan 22) Oldbury, Worcestershire
Maria Seldon (née Nash)
Born 1860 (2nd Qtr) Bilston, Staffordshire
Died 1924 (1st Qtr) Dudley, Worcestershire
Noah Bent
Born 1876 (4th Qtr) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1897 (Aug 22) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
  (children born in Durham and Staffordshire)
Buried 1910 (Jun 20) Brockmoor, Staffordshire

Florence Elizabeth Kelley
Born 1876 (3rd Qtr) Wolverley, Worcestershire
Living in Brockmoor, Staffordshire at 1911 census
Sarah Bent
Born 1883 (Mar 6) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1902 (May 18) Brockmoor, Staffordshire

Died 1961 (Dec 25) Quarry Bank, Staffordshire

George Kilvert
Born 1881 (3rd Qtr) Wolverhampton, Staffs
Died 1936 (Aug 17) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Mary Bent
Born 1885 (2nd Qtr) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1907 (4th Qtr) Stourbridge area

Died 1937 (1st Qtr) Wolverhampton, Staffs

George Harry Bayton
Born 1883 (4th Qtr) Brierley Hill, Staffordshire
Died 1961 (3rd Qtr) Wolverhampton, Staffs
Phoebe Bent
Born 1887 (Jul 26) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1910 (3rd Qtr) Stourbridge area

Died 1947 (1st Qtr) Brierley Hill, Staffordshire

William Harris
Born 1885 (Sep 2) Pensnett, Staffordshire
Died 1916 (Jul 28) Somme campaign, France
Frank Bent
Born 1889 (Sep 25) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1912 (4th Qtr) Stourbridge area
  (children born in Stourbridge area)
Died 1954 (4th Qtr) Kingswinford area

Edith Harris
Born 1888 (Oct 2) Brierley Hill, Staffordshire
Died 1968 (1st Qtr) Dudley area
Harriet Bent
Born 1891 (Sep 3) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1914 (3rd Qtr) Stourbridge area

Died 1978 (1st Qtr) Dudley area

Alfred Evers
Born 1889 (Mar 27) Brierley Hill, Staffordshire
Died 1973 (3rd Qtr) Dudley area
Joseph Bent
Born 1893 (Jul 6) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1914 (4th Qtr) Stourbridge area
  (children born in Stourbridge area)
Buried 1950 (Jun 10) Amblecote, Staffordshire

Catherine Matilda Wood
Born 1891 (Apr 22) Brierley Hill, Staffordshire
Buried 1949 (Mar 28) Amblecote, Staffordshire

8. Children of Thomas John Liddon and Elizabeth Emma Taylor (see table 5 above)

Lydia Ann Liddon* (known as Lillian)
Born 1874 (Nov 10) Fall River, Massachusetts
Died 1955 (Apr 1) Niagara Falls, New York
Elizabeth Liddon*
Born 1876 (May 13) Dudswell, Quebec
Married 1912 (Aug 27) Niagara, New York

Died 1971 (May 15) Niagara, New York

George Shainholdts
Born 1875 (Aug 9) Willoughby, Ontario
Died 1951 (Jul 26) Los Angeles, California
Louisa Martha Liddon*
Born 1878 (Jul 12) Yorkville, York, Ontario
Married 1898 (Dec 27) Enniskillen, Ontario

Buried 1976 Peterborough, Ontario

Gregor McGregor
Born 1873 (Dec 19) Peterborough, Ontario
Buried 1954 Peterborough, Ontario
Henry William Liddon*
Born 1880 (Jul 27) Yorkville, York, Ontario
Died 1955 (Mar 14) Los Angeles, California
William Charles Liddon*
Born 1882 (Jun 27) Yorkville, York, Ontario
Married 1913 (May 2) Los Angeles, California
  (at least one child born in California)
Died 1921 (Mar 12) Oakland, California

Daisy Lettie Roye
Born 1894 (May) California, USA
Living in Alameda, California at 1930 census
Frederick Liddon*
Born 1884 (Oct 8) St Thomas, Elgin, Ontario
Married 1912 (Jan 31) Buffalo, New York
  (two children born in Buffalo, New York)
Died 1970 (Mar 31) Buffalo, New York

Mildred Snyder
Born 1892 (Nov 28) Buffalo, New York
Died 1977 (Jan) Buffalo, New York
Laura May Liddon*
Born 1887 (Mar 12) Inwood, Lambton, Ontario
Married 1911 (Jan 17) Niagara Falls, New York

Died 1962 (Nov 23) Rochester, New York

Oscar Aloysius Ackerman
Born 1877 (Oct 8) Erie, Pennsylvania
Died 1954 (Feb 2) Rochester, New York
Violet Cora Liddon*
Born 1890 (Dec 4) Inwood, Lambton, Ontario
Married 1916 (Jun 14) Niagara, New York

Died 1978 (Jan) Niagara, New York

Francis Raymond Heffelfinger
Born 1891 (Nov) Pennsylvania, USA
Died 1955 (Aug 17) Niagara Falls, New York
John Albert Liddon*
Born 1893 (Apr 16) Dawn, Lambton, Ontario
Married 1930 (Jun 17) Niagara Falls, New York

Died 1952 (Nov 20) Niagara Falls, New York

Katherine Nielson
Born 1901 (Mar 14) Niagara, New York
Died 1985 (Oct) Onondaga, New York
Gertrude Irene Liddon*
Born 1896 (Aug 13) Dawn, Lambton, Ontario
Married 1925 (Jan 14) Niagara Falls, New York
Died 1969 (Nov) Rochester, New York

Lloyd Havill Smith
Born 1895 (Jun 30) Hamilton, Ontario

9. Children of Henry Liddon and Ellen Gray (see table 5 above)

Thomas Henry Liddon*
Born 1876 (Apr 2) Fall River, Massachusetts
Married 1897 (May 19) Petrolia, Lambton, Ontario

Married (date and place unknown)
Died 1969 (Apr 15) Weyburn, Saskatchewan

Alice (or Alys) Maud Turner
Born 1873 (Nov 6) St Thomas, Elgin, Ontario
Died 1912 (Nov 27) Brandon, Manitoba
Florence Lucy (maiden surname unknown)
Died 1962 (Dec 1) Weyburn, Saskatchewan
Robert William Liddon*
Born 1878 (Oct 12) Yorkville, York, Ontario
Living in Inwood, Lambton, Ontario in 1947
Henry James Liddon*
Born 1882 (Mar 13) Yorkville, York, Ontario
Living in Inwood, Lambton, Ontario at 1921 census
James Alfred Liddon*
Born 1886 (Apr 18) Inwood, Lambton, Ontario
Died 1947 (Dec 15) Inwood, Lambton, Ontario
Edith Caroline Liddon*
Born 1888 (Jan 21) Inwood, Lambton, Ontario
Died 1942 (Nov 6) London, Middlesex, Ontario
Alice Gertrude Liddon*
Born 1890 (Jan 1) Inwood, Lambton, Ontario
Married 1907 (Jun 20) Sarnia, Lambton, Ontario
Died 1924 (Sep 26) Brooke, Lambton, Ontario

Alexander Wilmot Richardson
Born 1882 (Nov 12) Adelaide, Middlesex, Ontario
George Richard Liddon*
Born 1894 (Mar 7) Inwood, Lambton, Ontario
Married 1920 (Mar 15) London, Ontario

Died 1942 (Sep 21) Inwood, Lambton, Ontario

Helen Cora Merrill
Born 1897 (Jun 13) Delaware, Middlesex, Ontario
Buried 1963 Delaware, Middlesex, Ontario

10a. Children of Benjamin Bent and Eliza Ledington (see table 4 above)

Frank Bent
Born 1883 (1st Qtr) Middlesbrough, Yorkshire
Married 1910 (Mar 4) Coatbridge, Lanarkshire
  (children born in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire)
Died 1960 (Sep 2) East Kilbride, Lanarkshire

Mary Agnes O'Neill (or O'Neil)
Born 1888 (Mar 5) Coatbridge, Lanarkshire
Died 1967 (Jun 14) Glasgow, Lanarkshire

10b. Children of Benjamin Bent and Annie Cook (see table 4 above)

Mary Bent
Born 1887 (Mar 1) Coatbridge, Lanarkshire
Married 1911 (Jul 14) Coatbridge, Lanarkshire

Living in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire in 1925

James Broom
Born 1883 (Nov 30) Muirkirk, Ayrshire
Living in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire in 1925
Emily Bent
Born 1890 (Apr 24) Coatbridge, Lanarkshire
Married 1928 (Jun 27) Coatbridge, Lanarkshire

Buried 1978 (Jan 19) Sunderland, Durham

William Hendry
Born 1882 (Dec 10) Leswalt, Wigtownshire
Buried 1954 (Oct 13) Sunderland, Durham
Phoebe Georgina Bent
Born 1895 (Feb 14) Coatbridge, Lanarkshire
Died 1971 (date unknown) Airdrie, Lanarkshire

11. Children of John Bent and Sarah Ann Pritchard(s) (see table 4 above)

Harriet Bent
Born 1889 (Feb 22) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1910 (1st Qtr) Tamworth area, Staffs

Died 1933 (3rd Qtr) Wilnecote, Warwickshire

Joseph Pritchard
Born 1887 (Jul 23) Wilnecote, Warwickshire
Living in Wilnecote, Warwickshire in 1939
John Bent
Born 1891 (Jun 6) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1911 (2nd Qtr) Tamworth area, Staffs
  (children born in Tamworth area)
Died 1970 (2nd Qtr) Meriden, Warwickshire

Rose Cheneler
Born 1893 (Mar 28) Fazeley, Staffordshire
Died 1964 (4th Qtr) Meriden, Warwickshire
Benjamin Bent
Born 1892 (Nov 22) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1915 (2nd Qtr) Brierley Hill, Staffs
  (children born in Stourbridge area)
Died 1954 (4th Qtr) Kingswinford, Staffordshire

Louisa Richards
Born 1893 (Aug 19) Brierley Hill, Staffordshire
Died 1969 (Dec 15) Dudley, Worcestershire
Laura Bent
Born 1894 (Aug 30) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1912 (4th Qtr) Tamworth area, Staffs

Died 1971 (Apr 25) Lichfield, Staffordshire

Edward Cheneler
Born 1891 (Apr 2) Fazeley, Staffordshire
Died 1966 (4th Qtr) Nuneaton, Warwickshire
Thomas Bent
Born 1897 (Aug 29) Brockmoor, Staffordshire
Married 1922 (2nd Qtr) Tamworth area, Staffs
  (children born in Tamworth area)
Died 1977 (1st Qtr) Hastings, Sussex

Eleanor Austin
Born 1895 (Aug 5) Tamworth, Staffordshire
Died 1967 (1st Qtr) Lichfield, Staffordshire

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