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The Triggs Family in Devon

This page lists those members of the Triggs family whose origins we are researching. Entries in italics are inferred or uncertain, or have been supplied by other researchers and not personally verified by us. The list does not include children known to have died in infancy. Please contact Chris and Linda Warren if you feel that the family listed here is connected with your own research.

We have traced our Triggs line to Modbury, between Plymouth and Kingsbridge in Devon. Later generations of the family also lived in the Ashburton area. Our earliest known ancestors in this line were Joseph Triggs and Mary Ryder, who married in 1748 in Modbury. Although there was at least one other Triggs family in Modbury at the time, we are not sure whether and how they were connected.

Many of the names below are linked to a more detailed record in the on-line family tree (people marked with an asterisk do not have a full record). When you click on a link, the linked record will be displayed in a separate window. There you can see the family relationships as we understand them, together with notes on what we have found in parish registers, census returns and other records. All the places named below are in Devon unless otherwise indicated.

Joseph Triggs
Married 1748 (Oct 2) Modbury
  (children listed in table 1 below)

Mary Ryder
Buried 1776 (Feb 23) Modbury

1. Children of Joseph Triggs and Mary Ryder

Joseph Triggs
Baptised 1749 (Nov 17) Modbury
Married 1776 (Apr 16) Modbury

Married 1780 (May 22) Modbury
Buried 1812 (Jan 14) Modbury

Hannah Pyle
Buried 1777 (Feb 12) Modbury
Mary Bound
Buried 1813 (Apr 18) Modbury
Ruth Triggs
Baptised 1751 (Aug 23) Modbury
Married 1799 (Jun 16) Modbury
Buried 1839 (Sep 16) Modbury

David Roberts
Buried 1851 (Oct 30) Modbury
Thomas Triggs
Baptised 1752 (Oct 23) Modbury
Married 1781 (May 29) Modbury
  (children listed in table 2 below)
Buried 1840 (Jul 12) Modbury

Elizabeth Couls

Buried 1804 (Nov 28) Modbury
Anne Triggs
Baptised 1755 (Apr 15) Modbury

2. Children of Thomas Triggs and Elizabeth Couls (see table 1 above)

Ruth Triggs
Baptised 1781 (Nov 23) Modbury
Buried 1803 (Jan 17) Modbury
Mary Triggs
Baptised 1783 (Oct 19) Modbury
Buried 1796 (Aug 7) Modbury
Joseph Triggs*
Baptised 1787 (Oct 16) Modbury
Married 1808 (Feb 18) Devonport
  (one daughter baptised in Modbury)
Died about 1810 (no details known)

Susanna Hoare
Born 1789 (Mar 16) Modbury
Buried 1836 (Apr 25) Modbury
Richard Triggs
Baptised 1789 (Nov 29) Modbury
Married 1813 (Feb 12) Ashburton
  (children listed in table 3 below)
Buried 1865 (Aug 31) Ashburton

Elizabeth Joint
Born 1789 (Sep 25) Ashburton
Buried 1865 (Aug 5) Ashburton
Isaac Triggs*
Baptised 1791 (Dec 18) Modbury
Married 1815 (Feb 4) North Huish
  (children listed in table 4 below)

Married 1828 (Dec 25) Modbury

Buried 1866 (Jan 5) Modbury

Sarah Prout
Baptised 1789 (May 17) Stokenham
Buried 1822 (Aug 30) Loddiswell
Sarah King
Baptised 1805 (Apr 7) Modbury
Died 1886 (1st Qtr) Modbury
Sarah Triggs
Baptised 1794 (Mar 30) Modbury
Rebecca Triggs
Born 1797 (Jun 19) Modbury

3. Children of Richard Triggs and Elizabeth Joint (see table 2 above)

Elizabeth Triggs
Born 1815 (Dec 2) Ashburton
Married 1841 (Feb 25) Ashburton
  (children listed on Dawe page)
Died 1894 (Feb 9) Devonport

Thomas Dawe
Born 1815 (Sep 19) Ashburton
Buried 1875 (Apr 18) Devonport
Mary Triggs*
Born about 1816 Ashburton
Married 1855 (Mar 13) Devonport
Married 1856 (Mar 13) Devonport

Died 1899 (1st Qtr) Devonport

Benjamin Lee
Robert Peed
Born 1821 (Jun 30) Northampton, Northants
Died 1909 (2nd Qtr) Devonport
Richard Triggs
Born 1818 (Apr 20) Ashburton
William Triggs*
Born 1827 (Sep 26) Ashburton
Buried 1854 (Mar 17) Ashburton

4. Children of Isaac Triggs and Sarah Prout (see table 2 above)

John Prout Triggs
Baptised 1815 (Dec 24) Loddiswell
Married 1839 (Dec 23) Dartmouth
  (several children born in Dartmouth)
Died 1897 (3rd Qtr) Dartmouth

Jane Wotton
Baptised 1819 (Jun 5) Dartmouth
Died 1882 (1st Qtr) Dartmouth
Ruth Triggs
Baptised 1817 (Oct 12) Loddiswell
Married 1839 (Dec 24) Dartmouth

Buried 1856 (May 2) Loddiswell

Thomas Steer (or Stear)
Baptised 1817 (Jul 27) Chivelstone
Died 1891 (3rd Qtr) Loddiswell
Isaac Triggs
Baptised 1819 (Oct 17) Loddiswell
Buried 1844 (Apr 14) Loddiswell

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(you may keep a copy for personal use only in researching your own family history)

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