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The Bright and Ashall Families in Yorkshire

This page lists members of two families whose origins we are researching. Entries in italics are inferred or uncertain, or have been supplied by other researchers and not personally verified by us. The list does not include children known to have died in infancy. Please contact Chris Warren if you feel that the family listed here is connected with your own research.

Our ancestors included a George Ashiel Bright, who lived in Devonport and later in Liverpool, where he called himself George Thomas Dawe (see the Dawe surname page). According to George's 1864 marriage certificate, his father James was a retired military officers' drill master, then in Melbourne, Australia. We have traced James Bright's origins to Sheffield in Yorkshire and to his maternal grandfather George Ashall (often spelt Ashel in early records). Our picture of the Bright and Ashall families is still incomplete, but we have identified the following people who are related to this line.

Some of the names below are linked to a more detailed record in the on-line family tree (people marked with an asterisk do not have a full record). When you click on a link, the linked record will be displayed in a separate window. There you can see the family relationships as we understand them, together with notes on what we have found in parish registers, census returns and other records.

George Ashall*
Baptised 1732/3 (Mar 4) Rotherham, Yorkshire
Married 1763 (Apr 4) Sheffield, Yorkshire
  (children listed in table 1 below)
Buried Attercliffe, Yorkshire (date uncertain)

Ruth Hoole
Baptised 1742/3 (Feb 27) Attercliffe, Yorkshire
Buried 1815 (Dec 21) Attercliffe, Yorkshire

1. Children of George Ashall and Ruth Hoole

Ruth Ashall
Baptised 1764 (Nov 5) Attercliffe, Yorkshire
Married 1790 (May 6) Rotherham, Yorkshire
  (children listed in table 2 below)
Buried 1798 (Feb 27) Attercliffe, Yorkshire

Edward Bright
Born about 1761 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Buried 1837 (Dec 5) Sheffield, Yorkshire
George Ashall*
Baptised 1767 (Sep 10) Attercliffe, Yorkshire
Married 1794 (Feb 10) Sheffield, Yorkshire
  (children listed in table 3 below)
Buried 1836 (Nov 8) Sheffield, Yorkshire

Mary Wilde
Baptised 1760 (Jun 19) Attercliffe, Yorkshire
Buried 1819 (Oct 17) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Nancy Ashall
Baptised 1769 (Jun 22) Attercliffe, Yorkshire
William Ashall*
Baptised 1771 (Dec 26) Attercliffe, Yorkshire
Married 1798 (Mar 26) Chelmsford, Essex
  (at least one child born in Chelmsford, Essex)
Died 1857 (4th Qtr) Sheffield, Yorkshire

Mary Branch
Baptised 1774 (May 8) Stebbing, Essex
Died 1864 (May 14) Sheffield, Yorkshire
John Ashall
Baptised 1779 (Sep 3) Attercliffe, Yorkshire
Served in the British Army from 1801 to 1816
Benjamin Ashall
Baptised 1783 (Feb 20) Attercliffe, Yorkshire
Buried 1818 (Jan 16) Attercliffe, Yorkshire
Elizabeth Ashall
Baptised 1787 (Nov 19) Attercliffe, Yorkshire
Married 1813 (Jun 16) Sheffield, Yorkshire

William Davison

2. Children of Edward Bright and Ruth Ashall

Elizabeth Bright*
Baptised 1790 (Aug 15) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Married 1815 (Mar 27) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Buried 1851 (Apr 6) Sheffield, Yorkshire

Michael Joseph
Buried 1841 (Feb 14) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Sarah Bright
Baptised 1792 (Dec 30) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Married 1813 (Aug 12) Sheffield, Yorkshire

Henry Becks
James Bright
Baptised 1795 (Nov 1) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Married (date and place unknown)
  (children listed in table 4 below)
Married 1844 (Oct 23) Chelsea, London
Died 1875 (Jan 6) Sandhurst, Bendigo, Victoria

Sarah Towers
Died 1843 (Apr 26) Westminster, London
Selina Jane Fisher (née Barrett or Bassett)
Died 1851 (Sep 7) Adelaide, South Australia

3. Children of George Ashall and Mary Wilde

William Ashall
Baptised 1800 (Jun 20) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Married 1837 (Oct 13) Sheffield, Yorkshire
  (children listed in table 5 below)
Buried 1852 (Sep 20) Sheffield, Yorkshire

Elizabeth Hilton
Born about 1810 Bradwell, Derbyshire
Died 1887 (2nd Qtr) Sheffield, Yorkshire

4. Children of James Bright and Sarah Towers

George Ashiel Bright (George Thomas Dawe)
Born 1832 (Feb 22) Wells, Somerset
Married 1864 (Aug 11) Devonport, Devon
  (children listed on Dawe surname page)
Married 1871 (Nov 26) Liverpool, Lancashire
  (children listed on Dawe surname page)
Died 1920 (May 25) Liverpool, Lancashire

Mary Selina Dawe
Born 1844 (Mar 24) Ashburton, Devon
Mary Selina Dawe

Died 1924 (Jul 7) Liverpool, Lancashire
Elizabeth Bright
Baptised 1834 (Mar 23) Brighton, Sussex
Married 1854 (May 6) Adelaide, South Australia

Married 1871 (Apr 19) Melbourne, Victoria

Died 1914 (Apr 14) Melbourne, Victoria

William Cochrane
Died 1856 Avenue Range, South Australia
William Lauder*
Born 1831 (Oct 1) Gordon, Berwickshire
Died 1899 (Mar 4) Melbourne, Victoria
Edward Bright
Born 1836 (Jun 6) Liverpool, Lancashire
Married 1863 (Jul 27) Robe, South Australia
  (children listed in table 6 below)
Died 1924 (Sep 2) Bendigo, Victoria

Harriet Botten*
Baptised 1838 (May 13) Bearsted, Kent
Buried 1921 (Sep 6) Bendigo, Victoria
John Bright
Baptised 1838 (Nov 18) Bristol, Gloucs
Married 1859 (Jun 17) Robe, South Australia
  (children born in Victoria, Australia)
Died 1900 (Jul 8) Melbourne, Victoria

Mary Butler
Baptised 1840 (Oct 13) Callan, Kilkenny
Died 1910 (Feb 28) Melbourne, Victoria

5. Children of William Ashall and Elizabeth Hilton

Elizabeth Ashall
Born 1842 (4th Qtr) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Died 1921 (Jun 23) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Mary Ann(e) Ashall
Born 1847 (1st Qtr) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Died 1918 (May 10) Sheffield, Yorkshire

6. Children of Edward Bright and Harriet Botten

(John) George Ashall Bright
Born 1864 (Dec 13) North Melbourne, Victoria
Died 1920 (Jun 1) Bendigo, Victoria
Edwin Bright
Born 1867 (Feb 8) Footscray, Victoria
Married 1894 (Nov 14) Bendigo, Victoria
Died 1917 (Sep 8) Bendigo, Victoria

Catherine Tunzi
Died 1960 (Sep 27) Bendigo, Victoria
Susannah Elizabeth Bright
Born 1869 Maryborough, Victoria
Married 1894 (Sep 26) Bendigo, Victoria
Died 1936 (Oct 16) Prahran, Victoria

William Wilkinson
Died 1917 (Nov 24) Bendigo, Victoria
Charlotte Edweline Bright
Born 1870 (Dec 5) Maryborough, Victoria
Married 1906 (Sep 19) Bendigo, Victoria

Died 1967 (Jan 12) Bendigo, Victoria

Charles Julius Cobb
Born 1869 (Sep 28) Lambeth, London
Died 1945 (Dec 26) Bendigo, Victoria
Mary Ann Alice Bright
Born 1874 (Dec 3) Sandhurst, Victoria
Married 1897 (Jul 20) Bendigo, Victoria

Married 1945 (Sep 5) Bendigo, Victoria
Died 1975 (Dec 2) Caulfield, Victoria

Horatio David Collier
Born 1874 (Dec 5) Sandhurst, Victoria
Died 1940 (Jan 13) New South Wales
William Ernest Neil Botten
Died 1951 (Oct 27) Castlemaine, Victoria
Alfred Bright
Born 1877 (Jul 25) Sandhurst, Victoria
Married 1907 (Apr 30) Bendigo, Victoria

Died 1922 (May 31) Newport, Victoria

Lucy May Collins
Born 1886 (Aug 19) Sandhurst, Victoria
Died 1973 (Jul 2) Mooroopna, Victoria

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