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Families Who Lived in Ireland

This page contains some notes on those Irish families whose origins we are researching. At present we know very little about their early history, but we hope that by publishing this summary here we can make contact and exchange data with people who can tell us more, or who can point us in the right direction to continue our own research. There are few surviving Irish census records and other records can be hard to find, but we summarise below what we have found so far.

Some of the names below are linked to the corresponding record in the on-line family tree. When you click on a link, the linked record will be displayed in a separate window. There you can see the family relationships as we understand them, together with notes on what we have found in those records we have been able to trace.

The Kelly, Mann and Francey Families

We are researching three families who lived in County Antrim in Northern Ireland in the latter half of the nineteenth century, in the area around Ballymena. So far we have established only partial family trees for these three families, who are related to each other by marriage.

Daniel Kelly (no details known)
James Kelly and Eliza Ann Craig (married 1851)
William Kelly (1852 - 1936) and Jane Mann (c1854 - 1938)
Gardiner Mann Kelly (1875 - 1944) and Elizabeth Francey (1874 - 1954)

Thomas Mann (died 1873)
Gardiner Mann and Isabella Swann (married 1849)
Jane Mann (c1854 - 1938) and William Kelly (1852 - 1936)

David Francey (no details known)
James Francey and Eliza Jane Cooper (married 1859)
Elizabeth Francey (1874 - 1954) and Gardiner Mann Kelly (1875 - 1944)

Gardiner Mann Kelly and Elizabeth Francey were married in 1896 in Shankill, Belfast. They had left Northern Ireland by 1902 and spent the rest of their lives in Plymouth, Devon. From the records which are available to us we have discovered very little about the origins of the Kelly line and the related Mann and Francey families. So we would welcome any input about the families themselves or about potentially useful information sources.

Gardiner Mann Kelly was born in 1875 in Ballygarvey, near Ballymena, the son of William Kelly and Jane Mann. William and Jane were living in Shankill, Belfast, at the 1901 and 1911 census. William Kelly was the son of James Kelly, a weaver, who was married in Kirkinriola in 1851. We have found a baptism record for William and a death record for his mother, Eliza Ann Kelly (née Craig), but no early records relating to this family.

Jane Mann was the daughter of Gardiner (or Gardner) Mann, also a weaver, who was married in Broughshane in 1849. We know that the family lived at Kinbally, near Broughshane (also called Kenbilly). We have found marriage and death records for Jane Mann, her parents and her siblings, but some of what we know about their early history comes from inference rather than from specific records.

Elizabeth Francey was living in Belfast at the time of her marriage, but the little we knew about her background came from hearsay rather than from any official records. Her father was named as James Francey, labourer, on her marriage certificate, and her birthplace was given as Ballymena in the surviving census returns. We have found children of a James Francey who were born in Galgorm at the relevant time. We believe that the person we knew as Elizabeth Kelly was his daughter, and that her birth was registered as Eliza Francey and her death was registered as Eliza Kelly.

Please contact Chris Warren if you can help with research into these families.

The Quinn Family in Tipperary

We are also researching a Quinn family who lived in County Tipperary, in the area around Templemore, and here too there are gaps in our knowledge. We are interested in the following generations of people who bore this surname:

Thomas Quinn and Joan Bohan (no details known)
Thomas Quinn and Margaret Long (married 1827)
Daniel Quinn (1835 - 1912) and Catherine Stapleton (c1849 - 1936)
Thomas Quinn (1873 - 1953) and Mary Taylor (1874 - 1955)
Daniel Quinn (1906 - 1965) and Dorothy May Coombs (1907 - 1971)

Thomas Quinn and Margaret Long were married in the parish of Loughmore and Castleiney, and we have found possible baptisms for both. The family lived in Castleiney and later in Ballinroe, both in the north of County Tipperary. We know something about the family of Thomas Quinn and Mary Taylor, who moved from Ireland to Wiltshire, but we would welcome any input about the earlier generations and the other members of the family who remained in Ireland.

Please contact Chris Warren if you can help with research into this family.

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