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The Brown Family in Cornwall

This page lists those members of the Brown family whose origins we are researching. Entries in italics are inferred or uncertain, or have been supplied by other researchers and not personally verified by us. The list does not include children known to have died in infancy. Please contact Chris Warren if you feel that the family listed here is connected with your own research.

Our Brown ancestors lived in the parishes of St Erme and St Allen, north of Truro in Cornwall. We have traced our line back to Henry Brown who married Elizabeth Bilky in 1783 in St Erme, but we are uncertain of his origins. The only baptism we have found which comes anywhere close was recorded in St Clement as the son of Henry and Mary Boone. We have also found a Richard and Philippa Brown living in St Erme, with a gap in the recorded baptisms of their children to leave room for Henry if he were part of their family.

Some of the names below are linked to a more detailed record in the on-line family tree (people marked with an asterisk do not have a full record). When you click on a link, the linked record will be displayed in a separate window. There you can see the family relationships as we understand them, together with notes on what we have found in parish registers, census returns and other records. All the places named below are in Cornwall unless otherwise indicated.

We also have a second Brown page which lists several generations of a Brown family which we know lived in St Erme at the relevant time. We think that this family may be connected to our own Brown tree, but we have not yet found the link.

Henry Brown
Baptised 1755 (Mar 2) St Clement
Married 1783 (Jul 27) St Erme
  (children listed in table 1 below)
Buried 1823 (Sep 21) St Allen

Elizabeth Bilky

Buried 1833 (May 26) St Allen

1. Children of Henry Brown and Elizabeth Bilky

Mary Brown
Baptised 1784 (May 28) St Erme
Henry Brown
Baptised 1787 (Apr 22) St Erme
Francis Brown*
Baptised 1803 (May 15) St Allen
Married 1842 (Nov 13) Kenwyn, Truro

Buried 1873 (Aug 10) Kenwyn, Truro

Elizabeth Gould
Baptised 1795 (Jun 14) Kenwyn, Truro
Buried 1872 (Mar 21) Kenwyn, Truro
John Brown
Baptised 1795 (May 10) St Allen
Married 1830 (Apr 10) Perranzabuloe
  (children listed in table 2 below)
Died 1870 (Mar 12) Chacewater

Mary Mitchell
Born about 1804 Perranzabuloe
Died 1890 (Feb 22) Highertown, Truro

2. Children of John Brown and Mary Mitchell (see table 1 above)

Henry Brown
Baptised 1831 (Jun 26) Perranzabuloe
Married 1855 (Jan 20) Kenwyn, Truro

Married 1857 (Jul 16) St Enoder
  (children listed in table 3a below)

Married 1874 (Feb 8) St George, Truro
  (children listed in table 3b below)
Buried 1911 (Jan 22) Kenwyn, Truro

Jane Tregoning
Buried 1856 (Jan 18) Chacewater
Selina Tamblyn
Baptised 1832 (Oct 24) St Enoder
Buried 1872 (Nov 5) Kenwyn, Truro
Caroline Stephens*
Born about 1835 Kenwyn, Truro
Buried 1908 (Apr 27) Kenwyn, Truro
Lavinia Brown
Baptised 1832 (Oct 8) Perranzabuloe
Married 1859 (Apr 7) St Mary, Truro

Died 1899 (Nov 23) St Clement, Truro

James Hearle Radmore*
Born 1826 (Oct 15) Dublin, Ireland
Died 1897 (Oct 9) St Clement, Truro
Mary Ann Brown
Baptised 1834 (Mar 23) Perranzabuloe
Married 1865 (Dec 24) Plymouth, Devon

Died 1921 (Apr 8) Otterton, Devon

John George Taylor*
Baptised 1836 (Apr 1) St Lawrence, Jersey
Died 1906 (3rd Qtr) Plymouth, Devon
John Brown
Baptised 1836 (Oct 9) Perranzabuloe
Married 1881 (Jun 9) Pachuca de Soto, Mexico
  (children listed in table 5 below)
Died 1912 (Jun 9) Truro

Emily Veale
Baptised 1862 (Sep 26) Penryn
Died 1923 (Dec 13) Truro
Francis Brown
Born 1838 (May 4) Saveock
Married 1871 (May 1) Perranzabuloe
  (children listed in table 4 below)
Died 1924 (Oct 5) Hennock, Devon

Emily Lavinia Keast*
Born 1853 (1st Qtr) Callestick
Died 1922 (May 11) Truro
Elizabeth Jane Brown
Baptised 1842 (May 15) Kea
Buried 1865 (Dec 1) Chacewater
Emily Brown
Born 1844 (Oct 31) Penstraze
Married 1872 (Apr 27) Devonport, Devon
  (children listed on Venn surname page)
Died 1922 (Nov 11) Devonport, Devon

Samuel Venn
Born 1842 (Jun 28) Combeinteignhead, Devon
Died 1919 (Jan 7) Devonport, Devon

3a. Children of Henry Brown and Selina Tamblyn (see table 2 above)

William John Brown*
Baptised 1861 (Dec 29) St George, Truro
Married 1894 (Sep 9) Kenwyn, Truro
  (children listed in table 6 below)
Buried 1909 (Feb 2) Kenwyn, Truro

Annette Orchard
Baptised 1863 (Jun 7) St Mary, Truro
Died 1949 (3rd Qtr) Bideford, Devon
Charles Henry Brown*
Baptised 1872 (Feb 4) St George, Truro
Married 1906 (May 6) Kenwyn, Truro
  (children listed in table 9 below)
Died 1959 (3rd Qtr) Bodmin area

Florence Jane Kneebone
Born 1883 (May 30) Kenwyn, Truro
Died 1965 (Jan 4) Shortlanesend
Frederick James Brown
Baptised 1873 (Jan 12) St George, Truro
Living in Highertown, Truro at 1901 census

3b. Children of Henry Brown and Caroline Stephens (see table 2 above)

Alfred Stephens Brown*
Baptised 1875 (Jun 6) St George, Truro
Married 1901 (Aug 7) Bideford, Devon
  (children listed in table 7 below)
Died 1955 (1st Qtr) Bideford, Devon

Regina Hockin
Born 1878 (Mar 6) Bideford, Devon
Died 1963 (1st Qtr) Bideford, Devon
Richard Parks Brown*
Born 1880 (Aug 22) Truro
Married 1910 (Apr 9) Kenwyn, Truro

Died 1961 (Mar 26) Redruth

Elizabeth (Bessie) Waters
Born 1883 (Apr 11) Highertown, Truro
Died 1961 (2nd Qtr) Redruth

4. Children of Francis Brown and Emily Lavinia Keast (see table 2 above)

John Henry Brown*
Born 1871 (Aug 17) Perranzabuloe
Married 1900 (2nd Qtr) Taunton, Somerset
  (children listed in table 8 below)
Died 1942 (Apr 14) Taunton, Somerset

Minnie Crosse
Born 1873 (Jul 7) Taunton, Somerset
Died 1961 (Mar 8) Taunton, Somerset
Edith Maud Martha Brown
Born 1877 (Mar 8) Callestick
Died 1940 (3rd Qtr) Perranwell
Herbert Francis Brown*
Born 1881 (Jul 29) Perranzabuloe
Married 1922 (3rd Qtr) Bodmin
  (at least one child born in Truro area)
Died 1925 (Mar 26) Truro

Mary Ellen Jago
Born 1886 (Aug 30) Blisland
Died 1968 (May 11) Falmouth area

5. Children of John Brown and Emily Veale (see table 2 above)

John Ernest Brown*
Born 1883 (Jun 26) Pachuca de Soto, Mexico
Married 1935 (2nd Qtr) Truro

Died 1960 (Nov 22) Truro

Lilian Clarice Langdon
Born 1906 (Feb 23) Truro
Died 1983 (Nov 15) Truro
Mary Jane Brown*
Born 1888 (Feb 21) Pachuca de Soto, Mexico
Married 1922 (2nd Qtr) Truro

Died 1959 (Oct 28) Exeter, Devon

Herbert James Allin Vanstone
Born 1888 (2nd Qtr) Stratton
Died 1939 (Mar 20) Exeter, Devon

6. Child of William John Brown and Annette Orchard (see table 3a above)

Muriel Gwendoline Annette Brown
Born 1897 (Aug 16) Highertown, Truro
Married 1919 (Sep 27) Bristol, Gloucestershire

Died 1983 (4th Qtr) Woking area, Surrey

Harry Lionel Hayman
Born 1895 (Aug 10) Bristol, Gloucestershire
Died 1973 (1st Qtr) Woking area, Surrey

7. Children of Alfred S Brown and Regina Hockin (see table 3b above)

Laurence Alfred John Brown
Born 1902 (2nd Qtr) Northampton, Northants
Buried 1931 (Apr 8) Abington, Northants
Reginald Stanley Kenneth Brown
Born 1911 (Mar 28) Northampton, Northants
Married 1946 (1st Qtr) Epping area, Essex
Married 1960 (4th Qtr) Westminster, London

Died 2000 (Jan 9) Barnstaple area, Devon

Dorothy Ward
Mary Joan Bryan
Born 1915 (1st Qtr) Bideford, Devon
Died 2007 (Oct 27) Bideford, Devon

8. Child of John Henry Brown and Minnie Crosse (see table 4 above)

Francis Henry John Brown
Born 1904 (Feb 22) Taunton, Somerset
Married 1937 (4th Qtr) Chard, Somerset

Died 1945 (Oct 30) Wells, Somerset

Marjorie Alice Kerle
Born 1904 (Aug 12) Chard, Somerset
Died 2003 (Sep 28) Bath, Somerset

9. Children of Charles H Brown and Florence J Kneebone (see table 3a above)

Charles Percival Brown
Born 1907 (Apr 17) Shortlanesend
Married 1939 (3rd Qtr) Truro

Died 1994 (Feb 3) Shortlanesend

Ada Mary Cowling
Born 1913 (Sep 2) St Columb
Died 1992 (4th Qtr) Shortlanesend
Albert Gordon Brown
Born 1909 (Mar 6) Shortlanesend
Married 1939 (3rd Qtr) Truro

Died 1990 (May 2) Nottingham, Notts

Marie Dorothy Trewhela
Born 1914 (Dec 31) Truro
Died 2008 (Oct 13) Cotgrave, Notts
Douglas Henry Brown
Born 1910 (Sep 16) Shortlanesend
Married 1936 (2nd Qtr) Lambeth, London

Died 1959 (Aug 25) Nottingham, Notts

Norah Alice Harris
Born 1910 (Jan 10) Clapham, London
Died 2011 (Jan 6) Nottingham, Notts

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(you may keep a copy for personal use only in researching your own family history)

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